Sound,  I'll check that out later throw it on while I'm studying

Simple Pleasures / Random Thoughts crossover here.

When I lived in Vancouver there was a spot very near two of the flats I lived in called Siegel's Bagels.  Can't even begin to explain how scoff their bagels were, you could get all sorts off them, and they were open pretty much 24 hours a day so I often ended up there at 3am after a feed of cans and ate it sitting on the curb outside (takeaway only sure).

Anyway I thought lately about their Montreal Smoked Meat Bagel and can't get it out of my mind.  Unbelievable munch, layers of wafer thin smoked beef stacked up until they were falling out the sides, with mustard and a pickle on it, in whatever bagel you want (everything bagel being my go-to).  I haven't been able to find anything close to it since I got home.  The bones of a decade trying out different types of bagels, different pastrami, anything to get close to it but it is untouchable.  Just whatever way they cured the meat was delicious, it was peppery but not overwhelming, had a nice sweetness with the spice of it, and was crumbly soft to bite but stacked thick so you could get a good meal out of it.

Just look at this shit:

My wife came home with some plain bagels from Dunnes yesterday that were closer to this type of bagel again so the hunt is back on for some decent smoked beef.  I need to make one of these.

Morto for poor eejit Dave Kennedy, but things like this happening are absolutely a simple pleasure:


Quote from: Black Shepherd Carnage on September 14, 2023, 10:18:47 AMMorto for poor eejit Dave Kennedy, but things like this happening are absolutely a simple pleasure:

Ah fuck this is lethal

A glorious clip. Your one getting her photo taken with the rock is just the cherry on top.

Somehow or other I managed to Never hear a single Primus song in my life before 3 weeks ago.
Often heard of them, saw them mentioned as influences on other bands, heard Claypool mentioned as an unreal bassist, but never looked into them.
Fuck me, they are unreal.
I'm in the grips of a new musical obsession.
What a pleasure to have decades of a back catalog of music to enjoy.

I never took to anything I've heard past the first four (though it's a long time since I was last up to date with them), but Suck On This, Sailing The Seas Of Cheese and Pork Soda are all 5/5, with Frizzle Fry not far behind. Phenomenal bassist alright. Took a long time for them to click with me.

In keeping with the thread title: clean sheets.

Funny one in work today. I saw a young dude rambling about in a Lifelover t-shirt so naturally I went up to him for a chat. The look on his face with this middle aged fart looking not remotely metal chatting to him about fucking Silencer  :laugh:  it was priceless. Turns out he has his own one man DSBM band and, while a bit early days, you can hear the chap has a knack for a riff. I was encouraging him and telling him to focus on his own musical identity. It is always great to see young lads involved in making dark fucked up music so you never know, he might be the next big thing in the depths of the Black Metal underground  8)

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Watching my brother act the absolute scut at 40.

A buddy of ours is getting married tomorrow. He's an only child and both his parents are dead. His missus only has a sister so they were going down a fairly simple route. No priest, no church, no hotel do. Just a registry office job and done.

Over a pint a few weeks ago the bould Podsie (my brother) says to me;

"Are we going to let Cummins just go about his day after he ties the knot?"

"If that's what he wants..." says I.

"Fuck that" says Pods and grabs his phone "Cummins. Yeah... I'm grand... You?... Shut up a minute. Stout and I are talking here and you're going to have a party in your gaff after the wedding... We'll sort it. Yeah... Serious... Yeah... well clean the fuckin' house then! Christ. OK. Right."

Hangs up, give me a cheeky wink that tells me we're on.

WhatsApp group arranged. Over 30 bodies ready to pitch in and then get pished. Everyone has a job. I'm doing the grub, Podsie is getting the booze. He rings me yesterday;

"Alright. I'm passing by your work in an hour - hop in the van and we'll go get the booze in the Tesco near your place and then I'll drop you home."

"Why do I have to go? You're the booze man."

"Cos I can't push two fuckin' trolleys, yeh sap!"

Into Tesco and there's slabs of Guinness and Heineken, bottles of spirits, mixers and nothing else being piled high into the trolleys. Not willy-nilly mind you. The man has a list.

We notice a security guard is lingering.

"Alright, kiiiiiid?!" says Pods "It's all for a wedding - our buddy is gettin' married. We're doing a BBQ from him." throwing him a thumbs up and a smile. Meanwhile, outside, a storm rages and rain pisses down.

We start pushing our trolleys towards the till.

"One sec there" says Pods and disappears returning a minute later with a massive pack of Huggies nappies plus milk formula.

To my knowledge - my brother doesn't have any kids.

"What in the name of fu..." I start but he's gone to the nearest till which appears to be operated by Ireland's sourest woman. Unabated Podsie struts up - the charm turned to 11 coupled with the 10000 watt Hollywood smile.

"Alright, girl?" he says to the woman who's about 60.  "How's your day going?"

"Grand so far, love. Are ye having a party?" - he's after sweetening the sour oul wan already.

"Yeah. We're doing a BBQ for a fella we know. Not just the three of us like. A good few of us. "

"Ah! Fabulous!"

"Are you single yourself? Tis going to be a great night. I'll shoot you the address. You can Revolut me for the cans like."

"Oh. Em. No, love - you're grand but have a lovely time." and she finishes ringing up all the booze "That'll be €494 with your Clubcard".

Podsie leaves out a long whistle.

"I didn't think that it'd be that much now - to be straight and honest with you..."

And leans over putting the milk formula and nappies to one side.

"How much does it come to without these please?"

 :laugh: Good man. I expect the follow up to this post in the Return Of The Fear thread in due course.

Quote from: Carnage on September 28, 2023, 05:16:34 PM:laugh: Good man. I expect the follow up to this post in the Return Of The Fear thread in due course.

Could be a heavy one alright. I have cleared my Saturday and Sunday.