I saw them live with him twice, both fucking dreadful performances. First was the DOD gig- no idea which year it was- where he read the lyrics off the floor. The crowd knew more lyrics than he did! I saw them again a few years later at Hell's Pleasure, where he fucking read the lyrics off the floor again! Shite.

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Yeah I've come to think the guy has genuine memory problems, seen him at DoD that time too and that aforementioned DVD. I mean, surely you'd pick the lyrics up through sheer repetition, they're not exactly Hellwitch levels of complicated.

Pleeeease let me die in... eh... what was it again... Louth? McDonalds?... SOLITUDE! That's the one.

Going through a lot of clips from the 90s, great energy in some of those shows.

Live music seems so sterile now in comparison.


Had this album on a few times this week. As overdubbed as this is, still great.


Brilliant album that. There's a 2-disc version with their Dynamo '88 show and a couple of other songs added on, well worth picking up.

The full concert is on YouTube somewhere.