Standard thread to contain all greetings for new people.

Happy hello to all!

Very saddened to hear of the demise of MI but delighted that there's somewhere with metal gig listings. Best of luck to you and I'll spread the word!

Yo, long time MI user here. Hello to you all, hoping that this'll take off! Cheers for setting it up hambeast.

Well lads I also came from MI. I have the same username and I'm still a pain in the hole. Also fair play for taking up the mantle Hambeast. I genuinely hope it goes well.

I never really posted on MI. At least one person on here knows me in person astfgyl can surely guess by my username. Good luck with the site.

Old MI poster here. Good on you for trying to set something up to fill the void! The end of MI came out of the blue for me, I know the site wasn't doing as well as it used to years back but I never expected it to just disappear one day. Really relied upon it for gig info, and I had discovered many great bands and albums from the lads on there.

Best of luck getting this off the ground.

Yip want to echo the good wishes and all the best getting this going.

So what actually happened? MI death came out of nowhere.

It really was too sudden. I wish he had given everyone a month or so to get used to the idea.  I've been on there for a long time and was genuinely saddened when it closed. Hope this one takes off.

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Old MI user here, MI was a great site for gig listings and feedback, as well as tons of info on bands old and new, didn't  expect to see it gone so quickly either. Glad to see something like this. Wishing all the very best with the site .

Hi all, like most of you I was saddened and disappointed with the demise of MI. Great to have an alternative!!!

Yeah, sad to see MI go. No harm supporting this site by signing up and hopefully it will take off!

I'm not in contact with anybody who used MI, so if you can all help spread the word it would be greatly appreciated!

Nice one for spinning something up. Really relied on the gig discussion forum, so hoping this takes off in that respect at least.