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Ah lads don't mind MI, it was great but there is already a good few heads on here and we may just move on. As was mentioned already it had gone very stale. I just hope none of that herd mentality and supposed cabal shit comes over here. We are all here for the same reason pretty much. If we want 4 page arguments between strangers who don't like each other there is always twitter. I'll just be ignoring all that shite myself same as I do on any forum.

I actually came in to say it is great to see it picking up anyway.

Aye, it's dead. move on (though I'm not sure I get the "cabal" comment).. also the instant bonus this forum has going for it is that there's an "IGNORE" function if the shite talk takes over.

Great stuff. Good to see something back up and running!

I was on MI since the NI metal forum days as hemlock666. Good to see a few familiar user handles turn up here.
I'm living abroad these days but MI was my channel for music from back home. Hopefully this fills that void.
Best of luck with this lads.

By the way the site works a treat on mobile. Nice work with the interface.

How'ree Lads ?
Heard about this phoenix on facebook. Mighty shtuff. Hola Pedro.

Good work,  Hambeast. Another long term,  old fart MI member here.  I know MI struggled over the last few years but I still think it's important to have a place for new local bands to get things kick started.  Hopefully this will be a success.

Fair play Hambeast - Thanks for setting this up \m/

Long time MI reader, very occasional poster - delighted to have somewhere to loiter again!

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I know it's been said, but good work sir.
I was feeling the loss of MI. It's hard to break the habit of 19 years

Also here from metalireland. I think I had about 600 posts in 12 years so I didn't post a lot. I enjoyed being on there and esp the reviews archive which I will miss greatly. Someone get McLove on here with his endless recommendations of music to listen to

A long time lurker on MI, will try and be more active and spread my love of Canadian metal bands... Not that I am Canadian, I'm from County Armagh for my sins...


Used fastfude and metalireland for many years as longhairedgit.

I like how quick a replacement popped up. Haha..

Hi all. Long time MI lurker and glad to see a replacement 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻