sound man. yeah mental game i found a stream for the second half and to be fair hats off to tottenham, they actually could have won it with 9 other than rotten luck. very impressed with them and distinctly unimpressed with chelsea and their clinging on vs 9 men ways

Aye mental game. Spurs were brilliant in fairness. That new manager is class. Can see them getting top 4 at least.

Spurs got pretty scalded yesterday again. That finish for the first Wolves goal was class though. Chelsea v City this evening I suppose it'll be something akin to the fucking alamo

What a game, sort of like the alamo at both ends. Love games like that, both teams just going for it. Thought City had the better of the luck with the deflection but fair play to Chelsea for not crumbling and letting the heads drop.

If they keep this up it could be one of the most exciting mid table finishes in quite a few years

Irish game on here I dunno how they're not 4 or 5 down but they weren't far off 1 all a minute ago so you'd never know they might do something

Keeper played well. Way too slow in build up play. Browne making good runs all night and pass is never played. And 5 at the back is a system were shit at.

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Ah god that was pitiful stuff so it was. Worst campaign I've ever seen ireland go through. Can come up with any amount of excuses and hard luck stories but two wins v Gibraltar providing our only points on the board is stark

The best thing about that whole sorry campaign was the little bit of Depeche Mode leading into the breaks there this evening. An inspired choice as "Ghosts Again" seems rather an apt description of the performances in general

FAI Cup final was class today.
Devastated for poor pul Shels. To lose on penalties is awful craic. Athlone are serious.