If they could convince Anthony Gordon to choose us over England, and with Evan Ferguson looking so good, there'd be two players to build a team around. They're not world beaters, but decent enough to give a bit of hope at qualifying for something

Quote from: Pagan Saviour on September 11, 2023, 09:46:25 AMI think Ireland's best hope is a style somewhere between Trap's and Kenny's. It's about knowing when to use which, Kenny has tried the same thing for 3 years and the result is always the same, a narrow defeat.

That's what I've been thinking - we are too predictable when a manager decides it's either 100% possession football or 100% long ball nonsense. There was a good few times in that Dutch match where a long ball scenario should have been tried, esp since Ogbene and Idah seemed to cause them a bit of bother up front. Mix it up ffs  :laugh:

Duffy and Doherty lead us to way too many costly mistakes, both at fault for not being aware of their surroundings. Cullen has been shocking too with a lot of his passing. And what pisses me off is the complete lack of risk taking, once someone loses it up front there's no one rushing in from behind to nab the ball back, instantly gave the Dutch the full counter press.

Bournemouth blasting out Enter Sandman coming out for the second half here