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General Discussion / Re: Books
« on: September 16, 2021, 09:53:54 PM »
Though it also took me an age to read I ended up really loving The Brothers Karamazov. I started many years ago with Notes from Underground, then C&P about 8 years ago and finally TBK a couple of years back. I've just bought The Idiot and looking forward to giving it a right go.

I've just finished Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and it was glorious as expected after recently reading Demian and Steppenwolf. Along with the afore mentioned Camus and Satre the short philosophical novel has been really hitting the spot lately and now it's time to go a bit of endurance with The Idiot.

I don't mind about page turners. If it has a similar tone, vibe, atmosphere to TBK I should enjoy it.

Metal Discussion / Re: Recent purchases
« on: September 11, 2021, 10:11:16 PM »
You definitely don't want the entire discography. The quality drops after Memory and Destiny (2002).

Metal Discussion / Re: Iron Maiden new material this month
« on: September 11, 2021, 10:03:53 PM »
Zero interest in subjecting myself to this album but I'm tempted to check out the Blaze Bailey albums. Apart from 'Falling Down, which I like, I don't think I've heard any of that stuff.

I think the last Iron Maiden song I heard was The Clansman off Virtual XI.

I was only 15 or 16 but that was me finished with them. Bruce coming back a couple of years later with short hair for the cash in? Nah I wasn't tempted and haven't been since. Can't believe 20 years later they are still at it.

That said I saw them live 7 or 8 years ago and despite having no expectations I enjoyed it. I think it was an 80s set and I was definitely full of beer so that helped  :laugh:

Metal Discussion / Re: Now Playing
« on: September 11, 2021, 09:55:32 PM »

Keres (Fin)

Very pleasing mid paced BM from Circle of Ouroboros man.

Metal Discussion / Re: Now Playing
« on: September 10, 2021, 04:15:35 PM »
Flawless album with plenty of nice quirky flaws.

Well it does in my head! The quirks and imperfections make it what it is. For example the clean sung chorus in Autumn's Ablaze is not quite 'there'. But if it was, or was done in the 'better' current AA style it would not be anywhere near as good a song. On the whole it's a flawless album, but with certain, er, flaws. Ha!

Metal Discussion / Re: Now Playing
« on: September 08, 2021, 10:57:01 PM »
STWORZ - Po Czasu Kres

Metal Discussion / Re: Now Playing
« on: September 08, 2021, 10:55:31 PM »
Amon Amarth -Once sent from the golden hall.
Immortal -Sons of northern darkness.
Katatonia -Discouraged ones.
Isengard -Hostmorke.
Primordial - A journeys end.

That Amon Amarth album is decent craic on a Friday night.  I only ever heard one or two other albums but they didn't seem to keep the same standard up.

Another good craic album in that Immortal one. I'd be firmly into the earlier style but I have SOND and you'd have to be half dead not to get the foot tapping with an oul smile raised at many sections in it.

Isengard sounds genius on occasion and other times I just think it's not for me at all.  My tolerance for that pagan/viking stuff is fairly low.

Classic Primordial. Flawless album with plenty of nice quirky flaws.

General Discussion / Re: The PC and Perpetually Offended Brigade
« on: September 08, 2021, 09:58:50 PM »
So we have Finnish antifa (or antifa adjacent) on here to gloat after Irelands biggest metal band were forced to pull out of a festival by their low, classless shit stirring.

No one is pulling out cos they are sharing a festival bill with Graveland or whoever.  Its because your sneaky, underhand, anonymous threats would put these bands touring futures (and thus, very existence) in jeopardy.

Initially I was a bit disappointed Primordial didn't have the balls to stand up to these nihilists (and affirm their own lyrics in the most triumphant way in the process) but on reflection I cannot blame them and if in their shoes would surely have done the same. Backed in to a corner they had to choose the lesser of two evils. The risk of standing proud and then seeing the 30 year career of the band fading under the suffocating cloak of cancel culture was too great. I would say privately they are seething.

This Finnish antifa dickhead though (well spotted Chris) - what is your game?

What are your motivations? What are your values? In what do you believe?

Cos to me, a typical enough Irish centrist, some right views,  some left,  you are doing a disservice to the left. The vast majority people I know hate you guys. You are not winning anybody over. Up to recent years I would have subconsciously considered the left 'the good guys'. Not any more!!!

You are Totalitarian and unrelenting in your outlook with no room for nuance or context. You are anti art.  You are anti freedom of expression. You are anti freedom of thought. You have a puritanical religious zeal which does not sit well with citizens of countries such as ours, which is still recovering from decades of the same.

To hell with you you absolute imposter. True liberal values will recover. Your deranged ideas of liberalism will soon be yesterday's news. Fuck you a thousand times!!!

General Discussion / Re: The PC and Perpetually Offended Brigade
« on: September 04, 2021, 02:01:26 PM »
Well Graveland is the obvious problem as they were only announced in recent days as far as I can tell.

Steelfest has always had NS or closely related bands, several every year, but maybe none as big or infamous or legendary as Graveland. I'm not even sure if Graveland qualifies as NSBM (what are the parameters?) but for sure they are associated with the early days or are founding fathers of what became that scene.

Any band booking for Steelfest must be aware it hosts fringe bands from the right. They are always putting on Goatmoon and the likes. They cannot rightfully claim ignorance in my opinion as this fact is not hidden at all. I take it that any band initially booked is ok with sharing a stage with whoever and all this current controversy is forced on them by booking agencies pressured by leftist woke culture.

I don't think Alan Averill himself was a million miles away from it back in the 90s. The fact he was there in the early days a point he always seems quite keen to make. In fact I believe he was thanked on the original Celtic Winter demo by Rob Darken himself, though this is not included on my shitty reissue copy.

A thorough shambles for all involved. I would be raging if I had booked tickets, flights, hotels etc and some of the bands I wanted to see had been forced to pull or wimped out.

Shortsighted from the organisers. Maybe they are not aware of the prevailing left wing cancel culture that exists outside Finland?

General Discussion / Re: The PC and Perpetually Offended Brigade
« on: September 04, 2021, 11:54:42 AM »
Didn't see Primordial's statement...?

They replied to the thread on FB I think, saying there would be no statement, no autopsy, but it was untenable for them to play. I was sent a screenshot of it. Most bands wont make statements to try and lessen the shit storm. Still, they and all other bands involved are being forced to take sides, and they've chosen one.

Personally, I choose the side of the neo nazis, Islamic extremists, freaks, weirdos and all kinds of undesirable opinions and desires the world over, over the side of Totalitarian censorship and thought control.

General Discussion / Re: The PC and Perpetually Offended Brigade
« on: September 03, 2021, 11:25:20 PM »
There's an online scrap going on over Steelfest 2022. Several bands have pulled out of the original unreal line up due to pressures from booking agents and the rampant Totalitarian Left.

Sadly our own Primordial have bent the knee and pulled out too, though they did sound less than thrilled to do so. Would have been good to see a proper big band stand up to the PC fascists but alas......

On the upside, black metal is underground and dangerous again and separates itself further from the wokist mainstream metal agenda.

General Discussion / Re: The Football Thread
« on: August 29, 2021, 10:26:00 PM »
Celtic should have had at least a point off Rangers, who in fairness to them are much more solid and settled and hence the better 'team'.

But we appear to be on the up after ending last season in ruins and the rest of this season will be very interesting as Rangers will likely not meet the consistency of last term.

But fuck, I'm sick of these Glasgow Derby defeats now. Badly,badly need a result next time out.

General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus
« on: August 29, 2021, 10:12:18 PM »
If the testing for flu was done the same as testing for covid we would be up to the same amount of deaths from that too. It is amazing how the 650,000 extra deaths from covid were offset so well by the negative amount of deaths from other causes that there was no overall excess for 2020. 2021 hasn't finished yet so will have to leave that for now. It is also extremely lucky that the flu virtually disappeared the same year covid turned up or we'd have had to deal with both, and wouldn't the health services have been proper fucked then? That's almost as lucky as the vaccines preventing anyone dying in the summer when we are normally out of our minds with respiratory infections and deaths. And how lucky we are to have the boosters ready to go for the winter when the immaculate protection from the vaccine starts to wane and the people who took it go and die like they would have every winter anyway. And when the flu come back, the flu shot is just as effective. Not that we actually have a way to measure that or anything.

Can anyone tell me how we measure the effectiveness of the flu shot while we are here?

Taking the vaccine to break the chain of infection is also absolute bullshit because the vaccinated can still catch it and still spread it. They don't spread a milder version and even if the vaccines do exactly as advertised, it is the end user who will feel the benefit with "leaky" ones such as this. So the idea of vaccination to break the chain does not apply here. It would have if the vaccine prevented catching or spreading covid but that is clearly not the case at all. If anyone doesn't believe me go look it up.

And what Giggles said applies to the moral dilemma inherent in the situation.

This time it is different. It sure is.

NPR? Being a lefty outlet it is no wonder they would be doing all they can to promote the political compliance vaccine.

The folks taking the ivermectin and poisoning themselves are no worse off than the people who took the vaccines in terms of blind faith and willing participation. Letting your political leanings get in the way a bit there. You want IVM to fail because you've thrown in your lot with the vaccine and will do all you can to rubbish the alternatives such as HCQ and IVM to validate your decision to take the vaccine and fit into the social ideology that you aspire to. I hope it works but there's actually fuck all to prove it as of yet.

I wouldn't take the IVM, the vaccines or the Niacin or the HCQ as it stands because none of them have been proved to work. None of them beyond shit trials that tell us fuck all.

Here's what I've been trying: Nothing. Going on as normal and so far 100% efficacy vs covid over a longer length of time than since the first trial of the vaccines began.

Vaccine hesitant????? That is like saying a woman is dick hesitant because she doesn't want you to stick yours in her.

CNN? FOX? Is that the argument? Ye must be joking. The world is a joke now the way it's gone.

Wow, an absolute shitshow of a post. You've lost the plot man.

You're flailing around here swiping at various disparate bits and bobs to try and........... what I don't know.........uncover some plot?

There's three elements here you seem to be asserting.
1. Covid is a hoax and not responsible or capable of being responsible for excess deaths.
2. The vaccines are experimental and possibly have some nefarious element to them. Also vaccines don't work anyway as the idea they break the chain of infection is " absolute bullshit."
3. Big Pharma/WEF is orchestrating it all, NWO, evil scientist, Bond villain style.

The amount of stuff you post on here, links and youtube videos etc that you've 'researched' , (I don't read/watch any of them as I've a family and a job-i think you do too-where do you get the time?) suggests to me that you've tied yourself up in knots over the last 18 months of this thing and ended up with that 1,2,3 of 21st century delusional fantasy. When the reality is actually staring you in the face and not near as exciting as you imagine it to be.

General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus
« on: August 27, 2021, 08:28:46 PM »
Those "unvaccinated" figures include people who have only their first dose taken and also those who are less than 2 weeks out from their second dose.

No, they're completely unvaccinated. One-dose vaccinated make up another 15%, and the remaining 20% or so (again, fully communicated by the HSE) are indeed "double-jabbed." I lumped the one-dose vaccinated and fully vaccinated together in my toy example, even though technically it weakens my side of the argument.

From the article linked above, quoting the HSE executive:

""The vaccination status in ICU, 62% of ICU cases currently in hospital aren't vaccinated at all.

"They haven't had any vaccination, which is very high proportion of the population who have not been vaccinated.

"15% are partially vaccinated, the remaining 20 to 23% are fully vaccinated.""

Fair enough. I had read different but if that is the case, that is the case. If we get through the winter with a similar ratio, I will consider the vaccination programme a success. Be back next March with the answer unless it changes in the meantime.

I've said it before, but of course big business and those in positions of power are manipulating the situation for their own gain. We, the proles, the serfs are being pushed around and controlled and fed shit. That's always been the case. You act like it's something new.

You've said this to me before here, and I fully expect most on here to disagree with me on this, as evidenced to me by the everyday reality I live in. It's grim! Just because it's nothing new doesn't mean we can't do anything about it, and one doesn't need conspiracy theories when it is all being played out in reality right in front of us in a non-theoretical fashion. Problem reaction solution, over and over. Keep the masses terrified and they will buy whatever is being sold. Not confined to health either. It's everywhere.

Of course there will be boosters. It doesn't take much knowledge of virology the pharmaceutical industry to call that one from the very earliest days of covid.

It's back to the risk/benefit for me anyway. There is fuck all in it for me in taking the vaccine as of this minute. Others might feel different and that's up to them. I have yet to advise anybody not to do it. I will however take pot shots at the propaganda where I see it.

I have also watched the video from the Derry doctor (was familiar with her from The Irish Inquiry videos on youtube), and have no reason to believe she is lying and putting her career and reputation on the line like that for nothing. I'm going to remain in the control group for the time being but to be fair that is nothing to do with her video which is only out a few days.

The last two times a pandemic-busting vaccine was rolled out in a hurry, it ended badly. No rush into this one without proper results to go on, which we don't have.

I'll edit here rather than go again, but further to the point of the unvaccinated being more likely to end up in ICU than the vaccinated, there is work being done which indicates far more durable immunity from natural infection. 13 times better, this study suggests

Still advocating for the Great Barrington Declaration over here!

Just responding to the risk/benefit bit as the reason not to take the vaccine.

Would you not consider the chain of infection angle?

Like the main reason for young and healthy to get vaccinated is not to protect themselves. It's to attempt to stop being a link in the viral spread which may infect and kill a vulnerable person (parent, relative, friend...) but leave you with just the impression of a mild cold.

It's only the vulnerable who need the vaccine primarily to protect themselves. The rest of us do it for the benefit of wider society.

Says a black metal misanthropist!!!!

General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus
« on: August 27, 2021, 11:48:42 AM »
Just reflecting on that figure I relayed there now. In a country (Ireland) where 85% of the adult population are fully vaccinated, 62% of those who are in ICU are unvaccinated. Do the statistical implications of that resonate with you?? Let's go with toy figures to make it easy to mentally manipulate: take a population of a million. 850,000 are fully vaccinated, and out of that 850,000, 48 individuals are in ICU. That's 0.006%. The other 150,000 are not vaccinated, and out of them 62 individuals are in ICU, or 0.04%. Compare those percentages and what you get is that you're 15 times more likely to end up in ICU if you're not vaccinated than if you are.

Those "unvaccinated" figures include people who have only their first dose taken and also those who are less than 2 weeks out from their second dose.

Are you looking forward to your booster?

It's a risk/benefit thing as I see it. I wonder what the risk/benefit ratio was for Roy Butler? Should have been offered to the vulnerable and been done with it, but that's greed for you. Which also brings it back to the "it's different this time". It isn't.

I like a lot of what you say and how you think but you show yourself up on this thread quite regularly. The conspiracy nut style does you no favours.

I've said it before, but of course big business and those in positions of power are manipulating the situation for their own gain. We, the proles, the serfs are being pushed around and controlled and fed shit. That's always been the case. You act like it's something new.

Of course there will be boosters. It doesn't take much knowledge of virology to call that one from the very earliest days of covid.

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