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Metal Discussion / Black Metal in rude health
« on: February 10, 2021, 11:21:48 PM »
Personally speaking after a lull in interest in underground metal for a few years in the last decade I find myself completely captivated again by black metal. I had more or less turned old fart and was resigned to loving only the 80's and 90's classics and disregarded anything new.

In the last couple of years though I have opened my ears up to some of the contemporary BM scenes and have been delighted to discover that the old spirit is alive and well. For sure classic 2nd wave BM is an overriding influence and that is never shied away from. But these modern day bands operating 20 or 25 years later from the originals have enough about them to  command their own style, scene and respect.

There's so much out there its impossible to keep up but here are some of my current favourite bands.

FRANCE: necropole, caverne, cenotaphe, norman shores

FINLAND:  vargav, white death, warmoon Lord, old sorcery, kalmankantaja, mooncitadel.... the list is endless with Finland.......hundreds of good bands

POLAND: evilfeast , wartodd

SWEDEN: countless bands revolving around Sir N ( svartrit) and swartadaupuz(beketh nexehmu)

Active labels aswell and a lot of old stuff re released.

Ancient records(swe), werewolf records(fin),ancient dead(pol) for eg.

Lots of other scenes to explore such as Portugal, Netherlands, Balkans.

Any thoughts or contributions lads/ladies?

Metal Discussion / Devin Townsend Podcasts
« on: April 22, 2020, 01:37:57 PM »
I know DT was fairly popular amongst certain users on the old forum. I was a pretty massive fan from the City days up to around Alien/Synchestra, where I felt less of a connection to the music and started looking a bit more underground for my musical kicks.

I discovered the other week he's been doing these covid/stay indoors inspired Podcasts discussing each of his albums at length (1hr 45min per album). I'm up to Physicist and while a bit waffley and short on anecdotes they are fairly entertaining if a bit too earnest in places. Anyway, a nice impetus to revisit some of the older stuff that influenced me greatly in my teens.

So far I've found City to have only just about held up. I actually didn't get all the through. Infinity has never been a favourite of mine and I still found it a bit patchy. Physicist has some belting tracks and a super pace. But Ocean Machine. What an album, loved it as a teen and surprised how much I'm enjoying it again. Driving in the sun to work across near deserted country roads has been an unusual an unexpected pleasure recently.

On a sad note I metal archived the drummer on OM as I fucking love that simple, no frills heavy style when it's done well and discovered he died by his own hand a few years back. Never played on anything else by the looks of it. In the podcast DT talks of how he wanted a big Metallica Black Album sound and they actually sampled a snare hit from Sad But True and used that tone for every snare hit on the OM album. Pretty nice bit of trivia.

Metal Discussion / Sabbath vinyl
« on: July 11, 2019, 01:47:18 PM »
There is a dizzying amount of versions of the Sabbath classics listed on discogs. I am no audio nerd and no vinyl nerd either but if I was to upgrade some of my black sabbath cds to vinyl is there any particular versions I need to be getting or indeed avoiding? For example I know Back on Black reissues have a bad rep and I have to admit I rarely stick on my BOB Possessed Seven Churches cos it sounds thin and weak so has anything been re-released for Sabbath that I similarly need to avoid or is everything fairly solid?

It's only if something is shockingly good or bad that I'd be interested in. I don't need originals either. If there's a solid reissue I'm happy with that but don't want to blindly buy something subpar. Cheers

Metal Discussion / Forefather
« on: June 21, 2019, 11:59:04 PM »
Mighty hails to the imperious Forefather - the ultimate midsummer soundtrack.

Currently revisiting the back catalogue. Ours Is The Kingdom and Steadfast must be two of my favourite albums of all time, any genre. They hit the spot on those two in nearly every way. Similar mighty, proud, triumphant vibe to classic era Primordial.

I've championed them manys the time on the old forum but for any unaware of this below the radar unfashionable band get wired in to the two aforementioned records.


Metal Discussion / Old Metal Hammer mags
« on: May 16, 2019, 09:06:23 PM »
The auld lady dumped a black sack at my gaff recently and in it was a pile of my old metal hammer mags. I might just fuck them out myself but a quick ebay search sees some old issues selling for about 5 euro a pop. Would there be a market for these or such a thing as a shop dealing in second hand music that might take them?
There is.....
1996 4 issues
1997 10 issues
1998 11 issues
1999 11 issues
2000 5 issues

Its mad flicking through them again and seeing and reliving the rise of nu metal, which is really all metal hammer was about in those years, along with regular features on Metallica and Maiden. And the championing of shit like 3 Colours Red  :laugh:

Black, death, doom etc not a fucking sniff!!

Metal Discussion / White Medal new album
« on: December 23, 2018, 11:27:14 PM »
I was a big champion of WM on the old forum so just to let folks know a new album has just been released. No fanfare as usual, no gimmicky image, music released with minimum fuss and no fucks given if folk are into it or not. Top band

Metal Discussion / Judas Iscariot
« on: December 04, 2018, 10:01:31 PM »
Ok, will try and support this forum with a new thread. Let's see if we get much response as guaranteed this would get 1-2 replies max on latter-day MI  :laugh:

American black metal band Judas Iscariot-what's the consensus?

I'm on a mad JI buzz these last few weeks. I am familiar with the name going back years but I either never gave them a listen at all or only gave them a very brief chance. Being an American BM band in the 90's vein, corpsepaint aesthetic etc I probably just dismissed the band as not the real deal. American goons what the fuck would they know etc etc. Anyway an album popped up on YouTube while driving the other day and I was immediately floored with how much my thing it actually is!
Audible riffs and typical yet awesome BM melodies, spacious compositions, unbusy drums, non annoying vocals, malevolent atmosphere ...

There's tons of output to go through too. I tried to find out a bit more and there's plenty (too much) on nwn forum - the guy behind it left the scene in 2002 apparently-there is recent controversy over vinyl reissues (yawn) and they seem to be loved and loathed in equal measure.

Did they ever make an impression over here? Any opinions on them?

PS related project Weltmacht is killer also!

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