Quote from: Carnage on August 20, 2023, 02:59:47 AMThey were on the ground when we were pulling our turf out of the bog... but my uncle warned me against them. "Grab them if you want but you're more likely to meet god than see god". Gave them a miss.
they're grand if used properly, not the sort of thing you'd do just for the Craic like a few pints, not me anyway

I quite like a small few if I'm heading out for the night.  They're great for gigs

Aye, I've done them before, not bothered these days. Went to a blues festival with a bottle of mushie tea, was 'interesting'.

Used to really enjoy taking 30 or so for buzzing at a house party or watching a comedy. Saw Old School for the first time after 30, literal rofls.

Yep small amounts would be my bag for the most part. Well if I'm in company anyway.  I usually keep the heroic antics for when I'm on my own

I wouldn't want to be just drunk with you or anyone on a heroic dose anyway  :laugh:

 :laugh: That's it exactly! Why put them through it at all. Often enough the wife and myself would be having a light buzz and she'd head off to the bed and I'd have fistfuls of them straight away and buzz with the dog for the night. There have been times it's been so strong that tears have been rolling down my cheeks and I couldn't tell if they were happy or sad ones or what they were and there's no point having someone there watching that catharsis.

All this talk is making me want them very much. Think I need to wash the cobwebs away

I found 1 magical shroom in the northwest today  :abbath:

Fuck all mushrooms in my spot in general, only saw two of them dirty brown lookalikes. I would have thought it was a bit warm for them to be out already?

It has been a very wet summer and I think the rain brings them out as much as the cold nights. That's just me though because nobody has actually grown them in captivity even now in the age of The Science.

Elusive little bastards are too clever for the new religion, which delights me because they're called Magic for a reason

Quote from: astfgyl on August 28, 2023, 01:21:38 AMThink I need to wash the cobwebs away
I love a bit of Terrence McKenna poetic storytelling of the experience but "Washing the cobwebs away" sums it all up nicely for me.

Should be a banger of a season considering how much moisture has been sucked into the ground over the last few weeks.

Getting up before dawn, doing your picking when most of the rest of the country sleeps off a hangover, heading back home to have a coffee and a fry up, planning the madness ahead. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

I'll be singing that in my head while I go a pickin..

It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeeaaaarrr.

Just that line on repeat