Both great tracks - shaping up to be a very promising release - yet again.

Those tracks are class. Kick in the first one especially sounds like pure artillery  :abbath:

#19 October 06, 2023, 03:34:51 AM Last Edit: October 06, 2023, 03:38:44 AM by Danny
Yep, vaguely inebriated 3am buzz here, but have to add to the craic here and say I checked these 2 out there a couple times and I'm definitely feeling this as well, excited to hear it in full now. I thought the last one Futile Fires was decent. This is the first time though I have to be honest, I'm not overly keen on the artwork, (especially considering what it costs for a vinyl w delivery!) It kinda feels like it would fit ENSLAVED or someone; not that it's bad or anything, it just doesn't seem to fit exactly. but Here; recently I was checking out some tattoo work that this guy does and he is really talented, some of his concepts there are next level deadliness.

I might as well & for the fuck of it; Add to my outlandish sentiments in an other thread, regarding my opinions on the best (but what is really just my fanboy fav/to me/in my opinion!) Irish Death metal band, & say likewise here; that SLIDHR has to be Ireland's best (true) Black metal band. Deluge For me is a masterful record with some genuinely original dark eerie riffs and memorable songs. I listen to it at least once a week still, I actually used to listen to it falling asleep for ages a couple years back. The track Rejoin the Dirt is unreal.

I feel like I can't say anything about Irish black metal like this without giving the most respect to Primordial, but I feel they deserve to be known as the Countries just best Heavy Metal band honestly, as especially now with their new album, they don't really feel like a BLACK metal band anymore, and I'm okay with that really, as they never really did anyway, & I feel despite some interwoven black influences in the music and the corpsepaint and shit live, Primordial is a lot more than Black metal. They do the Epic/Pagan/Celtic thing really well and proudly and they have their own shit going on confidently.

While I'm at I'll say Altar of Plagues also made a big impact on me, I like all their stuff..and man that fucking Sodb EP, is a fuckin high quality gem and would love more from that band?! Respectfully of course there has been a lot more in the Irish BM scene...I guess that Rebirth of Nefast one had good songs but for me a shite production on the album...but not much else I go back to meself. Verminous Serpent recently of course too is essential.

Talkin crap now;But Yeah man this record so far sounds precisely and intently dark and vicious; I like his charming little blurb on the albums bandcamp "My blood boils with contempt for so much of this world..." ha 8)

I can't wait to give this a proper listen later. The opening song is unreal. It sounds to me, from the three songs I've listened to so far, that JD's song writing has just taken some kind of leap. And he was a formidable song writer in the first place.

First listen through in work just there, it's definitely a Slidhr record but so many interesting parts I didn't expect. Unique vocal sections and riffs that if I didn't know was Slidhr I don't think I would have guessed it was them. That intro threw me too, sounds like theres a plenty of life and ideas in JD yet.

Everything has taken a step up, to my ears.
Song writing, recording quality, musicianship and especially JD's vocals!
Really enjoying it all. Outstanding stuff!

That is the fucking business. Brilliant songwriting. It has a lot of details and intricacies that will warrant many repeated listens. I like how he knows when to let songs breathe, slow down, have some space, nice little acoustic bits and stuff that add to the atmosphere. Excellent.

Superb album. The slow part in the middle of Sacred Defiance is great

#27 October 20, 2023, 12:12:26 PM Last Edit: October 20, 2023, 07:28:21 PM by Eoin McLove
CD and LP ordered. Going to be a wait until they get out this direction but I had it on just now on the phone and I'm really looking forward to hearing it in all its might through my stereo.

Enjoying this so far. It needs a few more proper, dedicated listens before I can fully appreciate it, I think.
Strong Aosoth vibes off it in places, which isn't a bad thing.

CD and LP landed today. Great to have lyrics included which is rare with Slidhr. The only other release that had lyrics included was Ex Nihilio I think. Going to have to spend some time with this as there's always plenty to wrap the noggin around with a Slidhr record, but it sounds really good.