New album coming out on Debemur Morti this year titled "White Hart!"

Looking forward to this.

Excellent news - Deluge is still given regular spins.

That's an album that's destined to disappoint fans.

*Spurs and all that*

Quote from: BoobC on June 06, 2023, 06:28:00 PMThat's an album that's destined to disappoint fans.

*Spurs and all that*

My fuckin' man  8)

First song released 4th September and album due 13th October. Cool concept for the album but not sure I'm sold on that artwork,  can't wait for this one all the same.

Not sold on the artwork either and I usually really like Joe's designs but I think the concept is really interesting. Looking forward to hearing a single.

I thought the artwork was just the warpy skulls but either way, I like it. Album is a beast.

A second single. This song is just another level. That end section is so good. Never heard any acoustics or clean vocals from JD before that I can recall and he can do it. Now I want to hear him do a dark acoustic album!

I can't help thinking about how ordinary the new Primordial sounds compared to something truly vital like this. Going to order the CD and LP tonight.

Looking forward to listening to the full album myself.  Singles sound great. 

Just gave both of these tracks a spin, this is great.  I had seen them live before & liked the last album when it was out but haven't listened to it in a long time.  Looking forward to the rest of this.

Holy shit, don't know how I missed it but that newest song sounds absolutely massive, I can't remember the last time I was this excited for a release!