still looking .i guess id want to be checking here daily .

What's parking like around Dolans?
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

Clayton hotel car park is just around the corner, handy enough.

URNE are supporting on both nights no?

Their latest album A Feast of Sorrow is very enjoyable so definitely a support band worth checking out!

Really enjoyed this and for a change so did the band it seemed!

Of the many times I've seen the band it seems seeing them Play Forever Failure seems to evade me. I'd also have loved to see them play Fall From Grace. The setlist was good though. I could list an entire alternative setlist that I'd have liked to see but was happy with the gig overall.

Limerick top class.  Great set, great sound, band on form, just class buzz in there.  Very poisoned

Yeah enjoyed it. Took a few songs for everything to click I feel. Fair few women there last night, good to see.

Landed in just before Paradise Lost started. Merch was pretty much all gone at that point! First time seeing PL and I really enjoyed it. Vocals seemed to dip a small bit in the mix at times but other than that I've no complaints. Good mix of songs in the set and a bit of humour from Nick between songs. Dolans is such a handy venue for gigs, great to be back home in half an hour instead of facing into driving home from Dublin!

I don't think the merch was sold, I was at both gigs they seemed to have fuck all with them.