According to Dolan's website yes. Not surprised considering Carcass also sold out at the same venue.

Quote from: Don Gately on May 31, 2023, 09:56:16 PMIs Limerick sold out

I see they're going to be touring Icon from December with My Dying Bride in support. That's a spicy meatball.

PL,really are one of those Iconic bigish bands ive just continuously  skimmed over for the guts of 30 years.Ive had most of their 90s albums at various points,but i cant say ive ever sat down and listened to a full album from start to finish.They have some unbelievably good songs,but a band that has never fully grabbed me!.I had Icon on cassett in my teens,an album I really need to revisit!

Once saw PL play a water park mid afternoon in Italy in 1995 (filling in for Danzig, who cancelled), the sun was out and it was hot, not the right ambience  :laugh:

Looking for a limerick ticket if anyone has one going .

still looking for a limerick ticket if anyone has one for sale

Just checked ticket master and there is tickets available for Limerick, none for Dublin.

Sorry my bad, just checked again available up to a point on site, then not. F#cking ticketmaster.

Cheers.pain in the hole trying to get a ticket for this .

I'll keep looking

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I just put up one Limerick ticket for resale on Ticketmaster (face value)