Random Thoughts. Fairly self explanatory, but saves on new threads going up for every random thought.

Doing things in general can be likened to folding a sheet. Once the first fold is even a tiny bit off, the degree of not right gets more and more with each subsequent fold and at the end it is fairly squared off but not all the way square. I was thinking about this while I was folding a sheet and thinking about mixing a song at the same time.

Still a few of the mushies left over I see.

Just had the memory there of buying albums back in the day taking a chance on them. Hard times with the local music shop back in the day. Remember how hard you would have to look  if you were living in the sticks? anything mildly metal or underground looking you'd nearly chance it hoping to god. And then there'd be fuck all else new coming in for ages I'd have to try and like whatever was the latest fucking thing I'd bought trying to like it whether it was good or not waiting to tape the metal show on sunday night for the fix or metalkerrangorizer might have a cd on it.

Funny how people are sometimes nostalgic for those days even though any album you want is a click or two away, and if your moral fiber isn't robust, you can have it without paying.

The big difference is that because of the paucity of options, one would become intimately familiar with the albums you did manage to get. I remember I was about 14 on holidays in Wales with the parents and I listened to the Black Album on the Walkman about 20 times when we were in the car. Not a hope of devoting that much time to any album now in such a short space of time.

Yes, so convenient now but I do miss the "hunt" for a record so to speak. The release date in printed magazines often your only guide, lost count of the amount of times you'd make your way into town only to be told it's not in yet. Though having made the journey I'd often pick up something else.

Or trawling through the second hand cd shops and picking up something just based on the artwork or song titles. I remember being about 13 or 14 seeing Bloodthirst by Cannibal Corpse and thinking  I had to get it because it looked so fucking cool. Still reckon it's their best album

Halcyon days alright

Absolutely, picked up Autopsy's Acts Of The Unspeakable In George's Street Arcade one time, remember being drawn in by the titles . Got quite a shock when I opened the inlay on the bus home!

I feel that nobody truly appreciates anything that comes too easily and that is why I think the physical hunt for things was better than everything being there right now, even though I am as lazy as anybody and have youtube on this minute. But even the buzz of one of your friends getting a new cd and sitting in his house listening through while taping it to bring home was a nice bit of human interaction

Completely agree. Divine intervention comes to mind. Everyday of 5th year in school I would wake up and play Killing Fields before I went down for breakfast. My parents were really forgiving when I look back because I would play it full blast on my CD player. Sometimes I'd sleep in my school uniform just to get a few more minutes of Slayer in the morning. Breakfast meant very little back then or school or church nor exams nor GAA, I was literally devoted to Slayer and fuck everybody in the world..gas!

Similar for me with that album. I remember getting it on cassette on the day of release. Didn't even know what the artwork was like until I got to the store, that was such an amazing thing, the anticipation . Pouring over the inlay on the bus journey home I thought it was the most evil thing I'd ever seen. The chaps arm slashed, lyrics to 213 and Sex Murder Art really put the willies up me. Played that album to death, Rewound the tape again and again just to hear Bostaphs intro.

A criminally underrated album. Some class tunes on it. Killing Fields itself is about as badass as it gets really. Fast as fuck, Araya on fire, A perfect blend of hard-core and metal.

Yeah although not their absolute best it really is an under rated record. I think part of what made it special was their peers were terrified by the whole grunge thing. Slayer simply did not give a fuck and delivered what is still perhaps their most uncompromising album.

Ever since I started messing around with my own bit of music producing years ago, I haven't been able to just sit back and just enjoy a tune without trying to dismantle it in my mind. Picking it apart in a sort of three dimensional picture in my mind.

I wonder what it would be like to be one of those people who can just listen to things without really thinking about them.

As a well  seasoned stoner, fuck stoner music. Seriously. It is really lowest common denominator shite.

I still enjoy going through racks of CDs or vinyl and picking stuff up just based on the art or the name. Fuck the 21st century and downloading bollocks  ;D Recent examples of great pick ups based on art and name are Witch - Salem's Rise and Trial - Motherless. But there are plenty of albums I have I'll probably never even consider listening to again... Even though I am in my forties I'm still a sucker for a band name with Lucifer or Satan in it  :laugh:

My best ever pick up based on art was Overkill - Horrorscope on tape in a shop in Armagh. Never been as blown away by an album (I was 12 or 13 and just getting into metal with bands like Maiden, Alice Cooper etc). Still my favourite Overkill album to this day.