QuoteSan Diego, California based deathgrind mavericks CATTLE DECAPITATION will return to Irish shores in March 2024 alongside special guests Signs Of The Swarm, 200 Stab Wounds & Vomit Forth. See them at Dolan's, Limerick on the 13th and Academy, Dublin on the 14th. Tickets on sale Friday at 10am.

Not much interest in Cattle Decapitation. I saw 200 Stab wounds last year and will be seeing them again in November with Frozen Soul. They are really good live.

Thought Cattle decapitation were very good in Whelan's, can't believe that was a year ago. Heard good things about 200 stab wounds.

Has there always been this much demand for death metal in Ireland? First Obituary and now cattle decapitation playing the academy. Lorna Shore also sold it out in June. Before this year how many extreme metal bands had played the academy? Cannibal corpse?

Nice one for that. Gutted I couldn't make Dublin last time so gonna hit Limerick this time for sure.

Quote from: Snare on March 04, 2024, 10:53:44 PMhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V3EKdOBgQ9c

The videos from that crew are class with great sound, well worth checking out.

I was chatting to the lads after I last saw them in November and they said they can't wait to play here. Ray and Steve were pissed and started singing Come Out, Ye Black and Tans. Ray the guitarist said his parents or grandparents or something are from here.

That was a gig and a half, despite only loving 2 of the 4 bands now.

I've been a fan of Vomit Forth for a few years, and eagerly bought their early shit on bandcamp, so I was well looking forward to seeing them.
However their vocalist was a cunt of the lowest order and absolutely ruined their show.
He was like a school principle wannabe and lectured people to get up the front at 7.30 on a Wednesday night or you weren't his friend and were actually a poser, despite the great crowd reaction. Boo fucking hoo, God forbid you just wanted to bob the head and enjoy the tunes, or let people get carried away with the music in their own time.
He was like a 10 year old child and spoke more shite than he sang lines. It was like Kim Jung Un meets RATM meets death metal. Tedious beyond your imagination, he absolutely ruined their set.  >:(
What an absolute ball bag, he totally took away from what the band were doing, ala Kam Lee over Massacre solos or Dave Ingram with Benediction  >:( He was constantly bitching and totally ruined what was meant to be a performance.

Contrast their shite to 200 Stab Wounds just getting on with shit and letting the music do the talking. They were total class, only interaction being once asking for a circle pit, while the music did the talking for the entire set.

Signs of the Swarm were just too much for me, like gabba meets metal core. Strong performance though.

Cattle Decapitation delivered an amazing hour long set. We were drowned out by PA music from asking for an encore but it was amazing all told. One of the best metal singers hands down really adds to their ferocity and intensity.  :-*

Some crowd for a Wednesday night anywhere, let alone Ireland's 4th city. Fair play, delighted to see it supported so well  :abbath:

That was the best gig I've ever been to by far! I'm so bummed I missed Vomit but the other three were insane. The mosh was so much fun at one point some Viking dude picked me up with one arm in the pit it was nuts I felt like I was in Lord of the Rings or something what an awesome gig awesome mosh Wall of deaths were so much fun going to be my favorite gig for a long time!!!!

 :sniffles:   :sniffles:  :sniffles:
Turntables go eeeeeera era era

Managed to get in and see all 4 sets. Didn't get around to listening to any of the supports beforehand.

Thought Vomit Forth were actually pretty good when the singer shut the fuck up, serious school shooter vibes.
200 Stab Wounds were class, Signs of the Swarm were good but not really my thing, the singer was very impressive but it was almost overproduced.

Cattle Decapitation were class, they have so many good songs now songs 2 through 10 was almost like a greatest hits set. Travis is just fantastic.

Great to see a bill like that shift 700+ in Dublin on a Thursday night.

200 Stab Wounds were great both nights. The Limerick show is possibly the best performance I have seen from them so far the sound as always in Dolans was amazing. The lads were very pissed off last night seemed to be a lot of technical issues on stage and I think Rays guitar amp just stopped working half way through the set. The new song they played sounds great. Hopefully the reception they got last night means we will see a headline show somewhere like Whelans in the near future.

I checked out the main support band at the weekend and after listening to them for 2 minutes I knew I would not be watching them. Cattle Decapitation is a strange one for me on paper I should like them but they don't do anything for me at all. Back as a teenager I owned To sever man, the one with the artwork of the cow shitting and the Hindu cow cover which I liked at the time then over the years I just lost interest in them.

Having recently listed to the later albums with this show coming up I think most of the stuff is not good and those weird vocals that seem to have become a thing on the last few albums just sound horrible. The artwork is even bad especially compared to the first few albums I mentioned above. It has that mid 2000's amateur photoshop feel to it. I remember the show back in the Voodoo in March or May of 2007 when they were supporting on one of those big shows that was either Immolation or someone else headlining being great and Travis was wearing that killer Streetcleaner shirt that I have seen for sale anywhere. The shows this week just weren't the same.

Academy has been hit and miss for me over the years and although this venue didn't suit the music last night, I still had a blast overall. Missed the first support but thought 200 stab wounds were great, bit more variety in their songs compared to Signs Of The Swarm, once I heard the first 2 songs I knew what I was in for so I mentally switched off, main bulk of the crowd seemed to really enjoy it though, got fed up of the frontman saying circle pit every 2 minutes  :laugh:

First time seeing Cattle decap live, thought they were solid, yeah sure the high banshee/goblin like cleans don't translate well live half of the time but still enjoyed it. The guy crowdsurfing with the hat and cane swept through the crowd at the perfect time  :laugh:

Quote from: Pain Medicine on March 15, 2024, 08:42:44 AMThought Vomit Forth were actually pretty good when the singer shut the fuck up, ...

Great to see a bill like that shift 700+ in Dublin on a Thursday night.

That prick has form so and it wasn't just Limerick. I was really looking forward to seeing them but christ on a bike he was unbearable and ruined their set for me. I've an aversion to listening to my oirchases now as it's tarnished by his childish antics >:( 

Thst's amazing to hear there was so many in Dublin as well.

Oh yeah forgot to mention the merch prices were extortionate. One guy went up to enquire on the price of a small 200 SW patch and was told €15. Hence the guy asked the question 2 more times to verify things were being heard correctly as he couldn't believe it and then walked away  :laugh: