I liked the way Mortuus had very little interaction with the crowd at the Plague Angel show then just slammed the mic on the ground when it was finished. When they came back the next time in 2010 he was completely different. I was at that pint show as well with Immo I remember enjoying it but nothing about it really stood out to me.

It was actually the 2010 show that I was at so scratch my opinion on that one.

Read a Twitter post earlier that Chris made at the end of April on Created to Kill

"depends on what recording of Created to Kill you're looking at..the 7 song demo has 3 of my song titles, Unburied Horror, To Kill Myself, and Gallery of the Obscene. they changed all of my lyrics on all of the songs, (but ripped off my versing) and changed my song titles as well"

Chris's social media are littered with jabs at his former comrades. If you can wade through some of it, does seem like it was him vs the other four members. Always thought it was shitty that they changed the logo, Barnes was much superior.

They seemed friendly enough on the Corpse documentary though. Probably just for show

Glad you mentioned that cos I watched it for a second time there recently and Chris was never filmed with the rest of the band! There's one or two scenes of him with Rob Barret but that's it.

I think he brought the logo with him, he designed it and presumably trademarked it somewhere down the line. The 'new' one's just so ordinary.

I see there's a section in Burns's book on the Created to Kill sessions - first time I'm seeing this kind of detail. Dying to get a copy but not going to order it from the USA with all the ridiculous charges.

QuoteYet "Created To Kill", which was eventually re-named "Vile", became the most dramatic recording session of Burns's career. The simmering disagreements over Barnes's vocal patterns on "The Bleeding" blew up before his eyes, with no one agreeing on the best path forward. It often left Burns in stunned silence while Barnes and bassist Alex Webster and drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz argued, with the producer in agreement with Webster and Mazurkiewicz but worried about alienating Barnes, whom he saw as the band's most valuable commodity. When Barnes made the ill-advised decision to abandon the remainder of his vocal tracking for a SIX FEET UNDER European tour, it ended his tenure with the band before the album's completion. (Barnes declined interview requests to be part of this book.)