The Tape repress of GRENADIER's demo called 'The Levant Sultanate' is finally now available and limited to 150 copies this time.

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OUT TODAY (preorder still over MNP):

Our journey begins in eastern Russia, where a small band was formed almost 30 years ago. Of course we're talking about the epic doom legend Scald - Epic Doom Metal
Due to a tragic accident, Scald had only a few years for their creative work - for their legacy. A legacy that still exists and still enjoys its raison d'être until today - and hopefully forever. Well, everything is ephemeral, but we are not there yet. We've started a collaboration impulsed by Urtod Records to breathe new life into the mystical demo "North Winds". We were already responsible for a cassette release and therefore indispensable for this project. "North Winds" is rough, as the name suggests. Nevertheless, this demo takes the listener to an icy plateau of mysterious distance that holds many many secrets. The ascent is hard and cold, almost tragic, but beautiful, you can hear it pounding in Agyl's lungs. But that's the way it should be!
"North Winds" is available in three color variants, one variant is a High Roller Records exclusive edition. Apart from that, all vinyls come with a beautiful gatefold sleeve (with hot foil stamping) and a large A2 poster. There is also a new artwork and a slightly revised sound.
Trades and wholesale are welcome over Messe Noire Productions. If you live outside the EU, PLEASE order at Urtod Void or wait some copies reach a distro in the US or anywhere (if ever it gets distributed elsewhere).


SAMHAIN Sale over MNP . 25% off the wholewebsite (except our last 8 releases). Discount will be activated manually after checkout, as we always did. Offer will stand from the 29th of October until the 1st of November,  the whole weekend. We will be adding some new items for the occasion.


NAKED WHIPPER's 'Moloch - Acid Orgy' + 93 Ep on B side MC is OUT NOW! For the first time on Tape and limited to 100 copies only.


Here we open a new discount campaign/ sales with 25% of the whole website (except the upcoming SCALD Tshirts).

Starts on the 15th of December and ens in the first hours of Year 2023.

As usually, place your order and wait we send an updated invoice as we will need to manually apply the 25% off the total of the order (excluding shipping).

We need to make room and that will help release new stuff in a shorter delay. Coming next: NAKED WHIPPER 'Painstreaks' MC

PREORDERS open as of now! Tape will be limited to 100 tapes only and will come with metal/ enamel Pin (pin comes with tape and will not be sold seperately).

NAKED WHIPPER's Painstreaks needs no introduction whatsoever. This absolutely mandatory album is available for the very first time on Tape format.

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SCALD Pins coming around the same time. New announcements following soon.

We have decided to set a 25% sale for the whole month of March. Any order during March will get a 25% discount applied to it. It will be elligible on the whole website except for the bundles and the newest tape release to be out soon which is NAKED WHIPPER's 'Painstreaks' MC (still waiting for the pins to be here before being able to sell them on the website). As usual, place your order, wait a little, so that we can enter the 25% off manually, and then you can proceed to payment.


Coming next: Scald logo pins.

Here are some top quality Metal/ Enamel pins we did in conspiracy with Urtod for the one and only Scald - Epic Doom Metal.

Width of the pin: 5cm


We are currently working on a cassette version of 'Premices' (LP and CD versions via Cruz del Sur) by Heavy Metallers TENTATION (France).

This Tape will contain the 10-year anthology featuring all of TENTATION's original titles released between 2015 and 2018.

Tape version => Messe Noire Productions (pre-order opening soon! Limited to 200 pieces with a special print).

More info soon and more to announce. Release date: 21/04/23

Preorders now open! Limited to 200 copies and will come as special print version (pictures will be displayed when the production plant has finally the first copies to display).

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Here is how the tapes look like, the special printing we mentioned:

We have preorders open now regarding ZEMIAL's newest EP 'To Slay with Silent Dagger' on Tape (this can be considered the European version of the cassette).

Preorders are available here:

New Sale with 35% off the whole MESSE NOIRE PRODUCTIONS website during all June 23 (except preorders and latest releases). Order must be placed but not paid. We will manually apply the 35% off, send and update an invoice and then final payment can be proceeded.

Here, ZEMIAL's new EP 'To Slay with Silent Dagger' is finally OUT NOW on Marble tapes. Limited to 250 copies. This is the European Version of the EP.

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