We are opening a new Preorder!

This time Death Metal with Dungeon Serpent's Promo ´20 which contains the remastered promo (never released begore on physical format) and two new bonus tracks plus a full lineup.

If you are into Arghoslent, Internal Baalism, Grenadier or The Chasm, it might hit the right spot.


Preorder here: http://messenoireproductions.com/.../preorder-dungeon.../

New Tape (DUNGEON SERPENT Melodic Death Metal from Canada) OUT NOW and available for purchase here: http://messenoireproductions.com/produit/preorder-dungeon-serpent-can-promo-20-mc/


And in case anyone is into bands like Coven, Blood Ceremony, The Devil's Blood, Jefferson Airplane and Black Magick SS. Psychick Occult Rock (aus Australien) all the way! Tape limited to 200 copies. Officially distributed by Messe NOire Productions and released by Chicken Dance Recordings. If anyone wants to distribute copies, drop a line.


Preorders now open regarding Destroyer 666's legendary EP 'Terror Abraxas' for the first time available on Tape format. This version will be limited to 300 copies.

preorder here: https://messenoireproductions.com/en/produit/preorder-destroyer-666-oz-terror-abraxas-mc/

The Teror Abraxas Tapes from DESTROYER 666 are finally available (after we replaced the booklets due to some misprint), limited to 300 copies, and for the very first time on this format!

Order here:  http://messenoireproductions.com/produit/preorder-destroyer-666-oz-terror-abraxas-mc/

A bundle is also availabe and includes Terror Abraxas AND Violence is the Prince of this World, please order here if interested:


Tomorrow we'll be starting a 30% discount campaign until December 25th. The discount will be deducted directly at checkout. Applies to the entire site except PREORDER, BUNDLES (also related items) and boxset categories (Hawkmoon LP is excluded from this sale).

30% discount campaign will last two and a half months!


Coming next on Friday: HAWKMOON 'A l'Aube des Puissances' LP in collaboration with MEDIEVAL PROPHECY RECORDS.

Today is the day!! We are proud to announce the official release of HAWKMOON's « À l'Aube des Puissances » LP in cooperation with MEDIEVAL PROPHECY RECORDS.

This LP can be considered as an anthology. It contains the material that were released on both demo versions, includes Xantotol's cover « Homo Galacticus »  and an extra song.

This vinyl also contains an interview gathering different answers taken off various interviews the band gave back then in the early 00's.

Anyone interested in distributing copies, drop a line, we are open to trades and wholesale.

Order here: https://messenoireproductions.com/.../hawkmoon-fra-a.../

Listen here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-7UTyndxfuI

And another pact has been sealed with the almighty Zemial Official !

This time again we took care of bringing a legendary recording on tape. After ´Face of the Conqueror' and 'To Slay with Silent Dagger', Messe Noire Productions is proud to annonce that ´For the Glory of UR' will be available in cassette format early in the new year 2024!

Preorders will be open when everything is sent to press. The tape case will be different than the one displayed on the flyer below.

300 copies will be available only!

The Preorder for Zemial's cult EP 'For the Glory of UR' is finally OPEN!

This is the Official Tape version limited to 300 handnumbered copies on black Tape and coming in gold boxes.

Presale here: https://messenoireproductions.com/de/produit/preorder-zemial-gre-for-the-glory-of-ur-mc/

Messe Noire Productions is thrilled to announce we have been chosen to team up with the amazing Hexencave Productions to release Malokarpatan's latest album « Vertumnus Caesar » on tape format. This will be the European version of it.

It is easily one the best albums of 2023 and one of the band's most solid effort to date. Definitely a highlight that deserved to get the cassette treatment.

This tape is going to be limited to 300 copies only, 150 will be handled by us and 150 will be handled by Hexencave.

More info soon!

We should be getting the Tapes of ZEMIAL's 'For the Glory of UR' this upcoming week, finally!

Next: HEXECUTOR 'First Hexecution' LP and more.

Today is the day!

The ZEMIAL "For the Glory of UR" cassettes are finally available.

The legendary EP of Greek black metal is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies and can be ordered here: http://messenoireproduktions.com/produit/zemial-gre-for-the-glory-of-ur-mc/

Coming soon: MALOKARPATAN 'Vertumnus Caesar' MC and HEXECUTOR 'First Hexecution' LP

''Vertumnus Caesar'' Tapes from MALOKARPATAN are finally OUT NOW and ready to ship! The best album of 2023 is finally released on Tape format.


Limited to 300 copies in collaboration with HEXENCAVE PRODUCTIONS, this tape is the European version of the album.

ORDER HERE: https://messenoireproductions.com/.../ma...an-svk.../

Soon, we will add plenty of items, so maybe it is a wise decision to wait a bit... big distro update on its way.

Next release over MNP: ABISMA (Chile) ''Disciples of the Black Ram'' Tape (lim. 150). Along with Vertumnus Caesar, it is easily one of the best albums of 2023.
Another release will be unveiled a little later too.

From 25/03/24 until 07/04/24 (two weeks!), MESSE NOIRE PRODUCTIONS offer 50% OFF the whole website (except newest releases and bundles)!

Here below are the flyers presenting the next releases to be out anytime soon over MNP