Not sure if it's done on purpose, but it's common enough to see elite boxers give underwhelming performances only to step it up against top competition, sure Fury himself has had a few shite fights against cans.

Should be a good fight if it happens.

Usyk needed nothing to beat Dubois.

Usyk was lackluster in the rematch against Joshua as well. Yes the low blow was the refs call but rolling around pretending to have been hit in the balls was Usyks call he clearly played up the low blow and robbed Dubois of the victory. Hopefully he gets the rematch but with the way boxing currently is I doubt he will.

Still beat him comfortably in that. Ya, his reaction was strange but he's a strange guy and, as I said, had he been given the count, he would've been up. I don't want to see a rematch and I don't think one is warranted.

You also have to think if he had of got up and beaten the count how would the rest of the round have went? This happened 20 seconds into the round so they still would had another 2 and half minutes to go. Anyone who has ever done any kind of boxing will tell you that a body shot that is powerful enough to drop a person is unbearably painful. Judging by Usyks reaction on impact to the shot I think if he had of beaten the count Dubois would have been in a great position to get the finish.

I do agree more than likely Usyk will easily win a rematch but I think even just for the sake of fairness Dubois deserves one.

I'm all about body shots and know well the power they have. I just don't rate Dubois so I find it hard to see him doing anything.

As much as I dislike Eubank Jr., he made easy work of Smith from the few rounds I saw.