Quote from: mickO))) on October 29, 2023, 12:53:20 PMThe whole John Fury thing looks like an act it is all part of the fixed fight, youtube / Jake Paul script to get hype going around these fights. He never acts up like that during any of Tysons proper fights. It will be a suit and tie now for the Usyk fight if Fury doesn't pull out which is starting to look likely. I will be pissed if that fight is postponed it was great it being 2 days before Christmas.

Yeah I was looking forward to it being two days before Christmas as well. You could tell from Warren's reaction  after the fight that they were not going to stick to that date. It now seems to be scheduled for February next year.  Although the way things are going I have my doubts it will happen at all, but given the huge purses involved  it probably will.

They were obviously expecting Ngannou to be a tune up and now he needs a full, intensive camp. I do think, and hope, it'll happen.