I rewatched the amazing Centuries of Torment documentary the other night as I am going to see Cannibal this Friday I needed something to get me excited about it and watching this has not only got me excited but has also reignited my interest in the band. I always liked them but sort of dropped off after Kill was released but would still attend shows any time they played and I was able to go. I am liking some of newer songs from the most recent albums that are in the current setlist.

I always hated music documentaries but after watching this when it first came out it completely changed that point of view for me they did such a great job on it and I remember everyone on the old forum praising it when it was released.

I am looking for any other black / death documentaries from bands that are good if anyone knows of any? Or even any other interesting metal ones.

I remember the first part of the Kataklysm one being good even if it was only to find out what went wrong after Temple of Knowledge not really interested in that band after the mighty Sylvain was forced to leave.

I also have the recent Death on my watch list which also seemed to be highly praised on MI, just haven't gotten around to watching it yet.

Sodom had one out years ago I remember thinking was really good, might have been called Sodom & Depravity?

Lords of Depravity? I recall me and one of the boys buying it for another one of the lads for his birthday... We got it delivered to my mate's gaff (he wouldn't be into metal) so his missus text him one day when he was at work why a DVD called "Sodom: Lords of Depravity" just popped through the letterbox 😁

Thanks never been into Sodom but will check it out.

Not really into Sodom but that doc is decent, thorough and also about 3 hours long! The Death one was enjoyable but I found it felt a bit sanitised and lacking any kind of deep analysis of Chuck, the band or any of their work. Maybe some less biased people (not Chucks family) might have made a better film

There was an Autopsy one a few years back if I remember correctly?Nothing revelatory but worth a gander.

Thanks will check that out I think I even may have seen bits of it before and that reminds me I need to listen to some Autopsy haven't listened to them in ages.

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I watched the Death documentary last night and enjoyed it. I forgot Chris was the drummer on Scream Bloody Gore. They were all very respectful to him even though he seemed like such a diva but I guess his family wouldn't have let the documentary go ahead if it was the other way. It was a shame to see him turning his back on what made the band great and insisting on making the control denied album / changing direction on the last 2 Death albums.

Is the Death DTA tour going to come back at any stage or is it finished? I remember those gigs in the Academy being brilliant and the vocalist even looked like Chuck. Going by the DVD I can't imagine Chuck would have approved of the DTA tours.

The Cannibal Corpse one is brilliant,you dont have to be a fanatic to enjoy it.I think its about 3 hours long.

The Death one i really enjoyed,Chuck was some cunt id say!

Always been put off by the sheer length of that CC but all this praise of it has it back on my radar, prob get the dvd on Amazon so I actually have to sit down and watch it. In about four sittings.

I watched the CC one recently having not listened to them in years and expecting to turn it off after an hour. I watched the whole thing in one go.  It's up on YouTube. The early footage is so cool.

Watched two and a half hours of it last night, and I'm absolutely not a fan of the band. Webster always comes across great in any interviews I'd seen before though, and here absolutely the same.

It was great the way they were able to get to Chris Barnes in for it as well. I think they all came across great in it and seem like genuinely nice people who are very appreciate of the fans.

Yeah but Barnes isn't in one scene with anyone other than Rob Barrett ;D

Seems cool in that documentary but he's a deeply bitter bloke in real life. Comes across as an Alan Partridge type really who despises anyone bringing up the topic of Cannibal Corpse, though seems happy enough to talk about it himself when it suits.

Sounds like a bit of a kindred spirit Cryptic!  :abbath: