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Nothing on Setlist FM for it yet (and I'm not familiar enough with the last couple of albums yet), but the setlist for this tour seems to be:

The Beggar
The Hanging Man
The Memorious
Cathedrals Of Heaven
No More Of This
Leaving Meaning / Cloud Of Unknowing / Birthing

(I presume Birthing is a new song).

Quote from: Carnage on August 21, 2023, 10:59:34 PMI forgot the earplugs. I am now sorry.

Loud, intense, brilliant. Shame about the feedback in the final song but it didn't take much from it. Great stuff, enjoyed Westberg as support too.

missed the support as I could only go after work. what sort of thing was it?

Norman Westberg, former Swan. Guitar based ambient, not unlike the Final guitar albums. Really good, just one continual performance  of loops & effects. 35 mins. was just about enough, as I could see it stretching my attention span toward the end.