I've listened to a bit of the Manii stuff and it sounds good.  Very much in the same vein as the early BM Manes stuff.  But 'Solve et Coagula' was actually released under the Manes name. They hadn't developed the split personality of Manii at that point, which I think started around 2011.

The Ved Buens Ende... 'Those Who Caress the Pale' CD arrived today including the pre-VBE Manes recordings. Looking forward to getting stuck into it in the next couple of days.

Listening to a fair bit of Manii lately and it's really good stuff.  Predominantly slow to mid- paced,  gloomy and catchy songs with a funereal touch to them.  They are hitting the spot on a number of fronts for me.  I ordered the 'Sinnets Irrganger' LP this evening.  Sadly,  it seems the 'Kollaps' album is nowhere to be found so I might have to try Discogs for a good ass-raping...

LP landed today and it looks and sounds exquisite. The inclusion of the deadly 'Skuggeheimen' EP is most welcome for a latecomer to the party,  although having one song at the end of side 1 and the other at the end of side 2 is a bit odd.

I love their predominant use of mid- tempos. It adds an epic touch to their grimness.

Two consecutive spins of 'Sinnets Irrganger' could only be followed by 'Under Ein Blodraut Maane'. My listening lately seems to consist mainly of Manes, Manii, old DHG, old Ulver, Ved Buens Ende and old Fleurety. Not a bad complaint.

The song 'Sinnets Irrganger' is so fucking cool.  Epic,  beautifully paced,  wonderful use of piano and the incessant background lead guitar sounds really cinematic- almost cheesy.  It's like the late night, pensive and moody background music to Lethal Weapon or something,  but once you get used to the jarring combination of styles it really works.

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New Manii album up for pre-order at Ván. Really nice artwork on it. There's apparently a sample floating about too, which I've yet to hear.

Sample here: https://terraturpossessions.bandcamp.com/album/terratur-compendium-mmxxiii

And also, Gjendød have released a Manes cover. They recently released a cover of Mysticum so I wonder if there's a demo of covers coming from them, which would be cool. The Manes cover puts me in mind of Thorns in a way. Quite a sharp production or something...


Great news on new album. Class act of a band from day one!

Had a blast of the new Manii last night and thought it was amazing. Will def be picking that up.


Sweet. Must add it to the list that is growing and never getting smaller these days  8)

Never did find the 12" on Kyrck so I must have been mistaken, but went on a binge through old Norse stuff this week and demos/first album are fucking great. Must check this new Manii record so.

The last Manii record is bloody great. The first one, Kollaps, is alright but they have settled more into their style since.