Quote from: ochoill on March 03, 2021, 12:29:20 PM
Small upgrade to the set up this morning, bought a new cartridge for the record player.  Got the Ortofon 2M as an upgrade from the OM10 that was on it.  Still want to pick up a decent CD and Tape deck to sit under the record player, as it is I'm set up grand for records and digital (the Edifiers have bluetooth built in so grand for Bandcamp streaming) but lacking any way of playing the other half of my physical media.

Teac AD-850(B) CD and Cassette Player (Tape Deck, CD Music Player, with USB Storage, Karaoke Function, Microphone Input, CD-R/RW and MP3 Playback) - Black https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0722XDRPM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_0X91HRNYSTEMZXBMQZVH

The aul lock down has been handy for finding the time to upgrade my ancient hifi. I was going to go with a TEAC twin deck and was holding off until Black Friday came around. However my CD unit packed it in in the meantime so went for their tape/CD combo instead. Hifi Hut and richer sounds Belfast both advertised it at the time but both were out of stock until the New Year, then April. Richer Sounds rang me last month to advise the TEAC manfacuring facility was destroyed in a fire and the line was discontinued. Thankfully found Amazon.de still had it, so it's just a plug change when the warranty expires. I'm happy out with it. Mist get around to tryimg the USB recording option yet. 

I got a new amp last year, caters for the bluetooth and aux:

Record player will be handy for converting old 7" etc as well when I get the chance:

Still have my ancient monstorous Sony speakers, seem the biz still. Not sure if I'm missing out or wise to stay with them!

Serious setup, that.

I got the TEAC unit for under €400. not sure if Amazon themselves will be able to restock again, so maybe that's why the re-sellers are taking the biscuit. Hifi Hut were €379 and RRP was €449 so that's the ballpark it should be in.

Conrad.de have a twin tape deck separate for €100, if that might be an option with a separate CD player ochoill?

Any recommendations on a walkman or some device to play tapes in a car through bluetooth?

I'll need something for CDs also, but tapes are priority atm!

Vinyl can remain at home; no need for the car, especially with rural roads :)

I have an AV LINK BLUETOOTH TRANSMITTER that could be plugged into the audio-out of the player
Or could buy a player with bluetooth built-in

Thanks in advance!