on: September 08, 2019, 12:09:15 PM
New board, new season, same old stuff.

Antonio Brown is got to be pissing himself laughing right now, all these experts the past few weeks suggesting he could have CTE to explain his behaviour, when it was all just a plan cooked up by him, his agent and the Patriots to sign for them. At this point I wouldn't be surprised to see Andrew Luck come out of retirement to sign for them as Shady's back up.

Fish not even bothering to hide they're tanking, even skipping a couple of steps on the Fitzpatrick Cycle, to put him in as starting QB.

Jets? Thankfully Toilet Bowles got flushed, not sold on Gase yet. I reckon 8-8 is more than a posibility, and as long as Darnold continues to develop, we could be set for a playoff run in 2020. I know I've said that quite often over the past few years though...
(And I don't mind the new unis, especially when you look at what Nike have inflicted on other teams)

What about you guys?
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I reckon 8-8 is more than a posibility,

This aged well.  :(

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Belicheck uses a loophole to run down the clock while 33-0 up against the Jets. Then spotted laughing, thinks it's all so hilarious.
Vrabel uses the same loophole to run down the clock while leading against the Patriots, Belichek loses his shit.

Ain't karma a bitch, you thieving cunt?

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Yes indeed. It was hilarious watching the prick. Glad they were beaten. Going to be some finish now.

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You'd think the Niners would have learned form the earlier playoff games. Don't lead the Chiefs by double digits, or bad things will happen. :laugh:

Glad to see them win though, they've been waiting almost as long as the Jets, and Andy Reid finally wins one.

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Yes I backed them to win it at the playoff stage. 

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Poor old Boston. It's Paddy's Day, the bars are all shut.
And Tom Brady has announced he's leaving.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of cunts.  :laugh:

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Okay, so the Chiefs won Thursday, but the big kickoff is today. Going to be weird with almost all the stadiums empty, and with zero preseason games, nobody's really sure how things will go. Reckon we'll suck. Gase is still in charge, and with an all-new offensive line with zero game time, and Sam having got fuck all in the way of wide receivers to throw to, we will struggle to score.

Brady in the NFC reunited with Gronk, Cam Newton working for the forces of Evil, Rapistberger back and fit, and OBJ wanting women to shit on him. The more things change...

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The Chargers’ team doctor accidentally punctured his own quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s lung just before kickoff Sunday while trying to administer a pain-killing injection to the quarterback’s cracked ribs, league and team sources told ESPN.

The doctor he replaced? 2 DUIs, Raided by DEA for writing himself 108 prescriptions, malpractice lawsuit for severing a patient's artery, multiple lawsuits for multiple career ending misdiagnoses, and lost his surgery license in 2013.