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Quote from: Eoin McLove on August 26, 2019, 03:54:58 PM
Looks like I've a completely different memory of that gig to everyone else.  All hail early onset dementia.

I enjoyed it too, but I suspect it was due to it all being relatively new to me. At that time you had people going to gigs who were not necessarily fans of a particular band, they attended to show support for the promoter, who had just started out bringing over foreign bands.

Listening to Fade at the minute. Hopefully the reissue of the debut isn't too far off and perhaps a CD or LP of Fade is on the cards too.

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I see the debut has gone to press and will be up for pre-order soon. Looking forward to grabbing it  8)

Curious to hear if the new master makes much difference and maybe improves the sound a bit. I have grown accustomed to the quirks of the original version,  of course, but still... no harm!

Pre-orders are up at Sentinel now.  CD and red LP ordered  8)

Hopefully some merch will follow. I've wanted a tshirt with that logo on it for years.

I've been meaning to revisit it with a view to deciding whether to pick one up or not. Haven't heard it in god knows how long.

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Nabbed an LP of this too, can't wait to give it a spin. Interesting what was said way back in this thread about this capturing a certain time in the scene and there being a certain magic in the air. I was put onto this band only as a teenager around 2013 and I remember being taken aback by how unique it sounded and distinctly thinking how exciting of a time it must have been in the scene and what shame it was that they never continued etc etc so funnily enough a similar sentiment is shared about this band from some of us younger folk. Fair play to Scobes for getting this done!

To belatedly reply to the above post, and as I was listening to the album today, the local scene in the early 00s (that was when I became involved in it so I'm sure older heads will have another view) felt like it was coming into its own. This album had been released a year or two already but was hard to come by. I can't remember exactly when I bought it, or where from, but it must have been 01 or 02. At that point you had Primordial hitting their stride and beginning to rise in terms of international profile. You also had the first couple of Mourning Beloveth albums that showed a band developing at a rate of knots. Same goes for Abaddon Incarnate. Sometime around then was the 'Transgression' demo from Hexxed which caused a real stir locally. Metal Ireland came along and in those years it was a revelation. Things were really beginning to move on a local level,  or that was my impression of the state of play at least. Fun,  exciting times.

Long time ago now but can anyone remember did Arcane Sun support Anathema on the Judgement tour in Eamon Dorans??

The CD reissue arrived just now and looks great. Looking forward to giving it a spin tomorrow and hearing how the new master sounds  8)

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Long time ago now but can anyone remember did Arcane Sun support Anathema on the Judgement tour in Eamon Dorans??
They definitely support Morbid Angel  around that time too.

My mate mark higgins played in arcane sun I still see him regularly in our home town,he hasn't drummed in years and such a talent he was