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Reply #270 on: January 16, 2020, 05:50:16 PM
Yeah just watching it atm

Conor at the start "I don't think I've changed"
Everyone else on the planet "...riiiiiiiiigghhtt"

It was quite off putting watching him sit there being respectful and what not... just waiting for him to go off on one etc but he doesn't!

Have to hand it to Cowboy.. all in black and the hat on with the shadow over his face.. lookin like an evil boss from an old NES computer game  :laugh:

The bit about Pieta was fucking hilarious though.. could see Dana just going .. ffs now I'm going to have those cunts on my back  :laugh:

This presser seemed like it was going to be for the 'NMF' belt with the whole happiness and positivity . Ah well I'd prefer that than the previous shit shows.

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Reply #271 on: January 16, 2020, 08:23:11 PM
yeah nobody was happy with it. it has been addressed who gives a fuck its fight week!!! can't wait myself..I look forward to fight nights every other week,im a huge fan but when conor is on the card its like its not even real. predictions.....conor to get the ko within the first 2 rounds. Holly will ko pennington or win on decision. sadiq yusseff to beat fili,maycee barber to murder poor roxanne, put the house on it.


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Reply #272 on: January 16, 2020, 11:34:11 PM
There's no show like the McGregor show. That said, Cowboy is a wily ould fkr. He has some losses recently but that armbreak against Mike Perry wasn't long ago. A dangerous man, bigger and with amazing skills. I think it could go either way.

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Alexa Grasso V ClŠudia Gadelha cancelled .. she came in 6.5 lbs overweight   :-[ :o

What a way to fuck up and on a big draw card like this with so many watching...


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Reply #274 on: January 17, 2020, 08:08:45 PM
No loss I can count on one hand the amount of female MMA fighters that are of any interest.  The Cyborg fight next week will be good. Two beasts going at it.

Not a great card either and I don't think McGregor is the draw he was 2 years ago. Have said it many times on here and the old forum I was always in the minority as I hated him from the beginning but now that way of thinking seems to be the majority. Friends who use to be "die hard" fans can't stand him now.  I can't ever see him being able to regain the level of popularity he once had. 
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Reply #275 on: January 17, 2020, 10:05:16 PM
I don't like cheering against our own but I hope Cowboy beats him tomorrow.

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It's been over 3 years since he was worth cheering for (ie Nov '16 against Eddie).

This new 'old' him thing, well I guess we'll see how long it plays out for and if he'll just go back to his old format. Tormenting the shit out of people like Aldo etc was a big thing and def helped him win some fights but without all that going on has he really developed in the last 15 months to be more than a left hand. I know his speed/accuracy etc but if his cardio /take down def and ground game is at the same level well.. everyone will know what to do.

I saw some comment I think he said about who ever is the first to take it to the ground is a cowbitch or something like that. Cowboy is all about keeping it standing etc to put on a show. I wonder on Cowboys side if he reaaally cares about winning this if he's going to stand with him. Or if it's just being a bit thick about it.. putting on a show is great but ya wana win. He's not a boring fighter either way.
I'm sure the crowd will boo like dumb fucks if he does but of course they just want the entertainment side of things. Although if McGregor pulled another Aldo.. i'd be very pissed off after paying the price of those tickets.

Another loss in his current popularity will drop him down even more. The only thing he can hope for is the UFC to still give him pretty much what he wants and just become those 'money' type fights etc

Non of the fighters want to fight him as a challenge etc.. they just want that big pay day that comes with the win or loss regardless.  It's almost a bit sideshowish if that makes sense?
Like those GSP fights, the BMF belt, double champs etc etc

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Apparently Dana has just said that if Conor wins he gets the next title shot... jesus above the thirst for money is so blatant. He might as well whip his dick out and piss all over the other fighters. If Cowboy wins he'll be sent back to the grind I'm sure.


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Reply #278 on: January 19, 2020, 08:43:31 AM
I didnít see that end happening!! Who is next I wonder. The build up talk was refreshingly calm and to the point. He put it to him hard on the night though.


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No joke stopping a lad like Cowboy in 40 seconds. Amazing win, though the McGregor dream faded for me a while back. Something about him I just don't like or can't buy into anymore and I used be a big fan.

He was definitely not right going in against Khabib, it's llain to see. He had hit the whiskey big time and was supposedly doing drugs aswell and it showed. When he's in the form he was in last night there's very few in his weight range that would beat him.

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I'm on the same boat, said it multiple times here but I fell off after the Alverez fight.. he started nose diving (punny) from there on. This 'new year new me' McGregor is a lot more bearable but again it just seems that he might do the same thing again. Get the belt and then start fuckin around in other weight classes.
And the UFC will let him because of the money he brings in., simple as.

Dana must have made some new year new me pact with him by the sounds of it..
Making excuses for Grasso and how shes a lovely kid and professional and there must be a good reason she missed weight!
The late stoppage in the Dober fight, saying he's not going to go off on the ref and that the ref is a good person etc etc

Normally he trashes fighters hard when they miss weight.. always has. Same with Refs.. I miss his Mazzagatti rants tbh  :laugh: :laugh:
Classic one -

I see all the usual dopes online going 'oh.. all the mcgregor haters have suddenly gone quite' etc

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Usman's twitter got hacked


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Usman's account was hacked as much as I dislike Usman that doesn't look like something he would say.

Conor looked good last night and those shoulders I have never seen that before but let's not get carried away he was fighting Cowboy, I love Cowboy but let's be realistic he is exactly like Nate Diaz more know for his character then his actual ability to fight he's another guy that will never be a champion.

Conor hasn't a hope against Tony, Kahbib, Usman or Colby all four would demolish him. Even Justin would beat him. I am glad Dana is not giving Masvidal Conor next Masvidal is just a money hungry cunt lately and makes no attempts to hide it. He should be trying his best to get a shot at Usman. I do think Conor would dispose of Masvidal easily though which is something I would like to see. What was he like in crowd last night wearing a dressing gown.

Showtime is in a bad way now terrible loss for him last night.

I wonder how long Conor's new humble act will last as well.


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Reply #284 on: January 19, 2020, 05:32:13 PM
I dunno man, Khabib is an amazing fighter but certainly Conor was in no shape the last time. We've written McGregor off so many times and yet he has destroyed UFC champions like Aldo in the past without even blinking. Cowboy isn't at his best but it's not long ago he was breaking a lads arm with an armbar. To only take 40 seconds to annihilate him like that is as impressive as it gets really.

Usman a step too far, he's too big, but the likes of Ferguson or Khabib I'd give him every chance if he's fit. There's a whole aura around them 2 fighters that I'm not sure they merit. Who has Ferguson beaten that is much, much better than Poirier or Cowboy or the likes. Never won a UFC title..get that belt around the waist and then he can talk. I'd say the same about Khabib. He beat McGregor but Poirier was hardly going to beat him. The Khabib vs Ferguson fight will.reveal a lot. McGregor in the sidelines to fight the winner.

Also, I think the whole idea that a superstar should.
have to fight 4 or 5 fights to qualify to fight for the belt is a  outdated idea. Just like in boxing, the money is where it's at, anything else is naivety. The same rules don't work for everyone.
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