I'd say start at the beginning. War and Pain is incredible,

Nothingface for me, fantastic album. Not a fan of the first few TBH, RRROOOAAARRR is one of the worst albums I've ever heard. Phobos is a personal favourite, though the Forrest era generally isn't too well thought of.

I only know the first 4 and love all 4. Ridiculous statement about Rrroooaaarrr but doesn't matter to me. Will lash on Phobos now.

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Oh, also attention Leatherface: this lad talks about Piggy's gear and all that kinda stuff

Awesome, thanks for that link.

Bit of an oddity, found it again last night after desperately trying to remember the band name for ages. it's rare you hear a band try and completely rip off Voivod, but WARTECH are the only band I can think of whose aims seems to have been a straight up Voivod clone band. It was some of the guys from the crust band Axegrinder (who were arguably an Amebix clone). The results are..eh...interesting.


That's something alright   :laugh:.

For a band that are influenced by Voivod but not too blatantly I've always thought VHOL scratch the itch, it's Mike from YOB singing with the guitarist from Hammers of Misfortune and drummer from Agalloch, they made two good records a couple of years back.

Remember enjoying the first one. Must revisit it.

They're a band I never got around to, but picked up The Wake last week and giving it a listen now. Plenty to like about it, but not really grabbing me, certainly think the guitars could be a bit more in the mix

Would this be a fairly typical album for them?

There's no such thing as a typical Voivod album but I'd say if you don't like that you probably won't like the others. Give Dimension Hatross a spin.

First heard these when Jason Newstead was picking songs for either Headbangers Ball or Superrock on MTV back in the day and lashed on Insect. I loved it and duly checked out Negatron and Phobos which I still think are great.

Got a bit of a shock with the vocals on the other stuff when I heard it and it took a bit of getting into but I like most of it now except the earliest couple which I never gave much time to. Certainly a unique sound and getting in the mood for a bit reading this. Might throw on Target Earth

War and Pain is a masterpiece.

"Dimension Hatross" is 34(!) years old today. Mad.

New old Voivod coming. Forrest and Newsted make appearances too. Yeah, take my money.

"Morgöth Tales" track listing:

01. Condemned To The Gallows (2023 Version) [originally on "Metal Massacre V" compilation, 1984]
02. Thrashing Rage (2023 Version) [originally on "Rrröööaaarrr", 1986]
03. Killing Technology (2023 Version) [originally on "Killing Technology", 1987]
04. Macrosolutions To Megaproblems (2023 Version) [originally on "Dimension Hatröss", 1988]
05. Pre-Ignition (2023 Version) [originally on "Nothingface", 1989]
06. Nuage Fractal (2023 Version) [originally on "Angel Rat", 1991]
07. Fix My Heart (2023 Version) [originally on "The Outer Limits", 1993]
08. Rise (2023 Version, feat. Eric Forrest) [originally on "Phobos", 1997]
09. Rebel Robot (2023 Version, feat. Jason Newsted) [originally on "Voivod", 2003]
10. Morgöth Tales [New Song]

That's probably going to be well decent. They operate at a very high level for the most part

Great new episode of the Radical Research podcast out now that's an overview of the lads discography. Great if you're not already a fan or aren't sure where to start with them, but also a good listen for the diehards. There's even a brief snip of the unreleased album.

One of the lads behind the podcast has a book about them coming out later in the year  called "Always Moving".I'll need that.