Yep,  vinyl only at the minute.  If offers for CD and tape come in then they'll be looked at.

Originally this was delayed due to Ivan from Fuck Yoga being snowed under with his label and other commitments. Now our old pal Corona has added another spanner into proceedings. Macedonia has been on lockdown for the past few weeks meaning the label has ground to a halt so we'll have to wait and see what happens. The course of true doom never does run smooth.

Coincidentally, after I posted the above I received an email from Droll Meadow, who did the artwork. Mr. Meadow is starting up a tape label called Odd Memory and has asked to release a tape edition of 'Sunt Lacrymae Rerum' with new artwork. I can't say exactly when it will happen in the current circumstances but it will follow the LP.

Be looking forward to that tape, aye they don't even have the post goin in Macedonia, had things ordered of him..

Given these two tracks a listen again CD would be savage :)

Nice one. There are two more songs on the album as well that throw in a few more surprises. I'd like to get it out on CD so we'll see if an offer comes in.

September release is the new plan. The course of doom is doomed.

I took a listen to this today and it was much more varied than I would have thought from the description. It was crying out for gang vocals though. There was actually a bit towards the end of the second track which was almost approaching gang vox and all. Joking aside, I thought it was interesting stuff.

Cheers. There are two more songs on the album that we haven't uploaded yet.  The last song has some gang screams which is sort of similar ;)

Got this a month or two back and it looks and sounds the absolute business. The packaging is as weird as the music. ha.

You must have got your hands on one of the coveted bootleg editions...

Quote from: Eoin McLove on July 08, 2020, 11:46:52 AM
You must have got your hands on one of the coveted bootleg editions...
Any left?    :P

I've got a bootleg tshirt as well.