Heard about this earlier this morning. Should be a belter given the quality of Slomatics and Wild Rocket.

Coroza aren't bad. I've caught them a few times.

I've never heard of Grey Stag so I can't comment.

@Mods/Promoter - This isn't my gig, feel free to delete if this is already up here.

Only bumping this cos it's 3 weeks away and buried 5 pages deep. Looking forward to it now.

Was mad to go to this but I'm going away the same weekend.  Oh well... deadly line up all the same.

Postponed till the New Year!

PB post from the facebook event page...
"Due to unforseen circumstances Slomatics have had to postpone the Cork gig.They are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused and will re schedule for some time in the new year."