I've been thinking about getting some concert earplugs because I can't stand the ringing I get after concerts and I'm a bit paranoid about hearing damage. Does anyone use them? How much does it effect the sound? Also any recommendations would be appreciated too.

I got a pair for about 15 quid off Amazon a couple of years ago and they're great. They're great for metal gigs especially because sometimes they can be so loud you can barely make out the music, they reduce the db level so they're not only protecting your hearing but they're actually improving the sound quality. No ringing in the ears afterwards either.

I can't remember the specific brand but I'd just have a look around on Amazon.

Ringing after gigs ain't good, damage is already being done. This is coming from someone who has permanent Tinnitus by the way, in this day and age there's no excuse for not wearing earplugs at a gig.

I lose mine fairly often so I usually switch between Etymotic ER-15s and Alpine Party Plugs because they usually get good reviews and don't cost too much. I find they definitely bring down the volume to a much more comfortable level, especially when it comes to cymbals and loud singers, but they can sometimes muffle the sound so much it becomes inaudible. In particular I remember not being able to make out anything during Batushka and Pestilence so I ended up taking them out. They're much better when it comes to slower stuff like doom, but they can take a bit of the bite away from the guitar. Maybe I just need to find a pair which work better for me.

I've been using ER-20s for about 9 years now. No way I'd go without them at this stage. They work really well for me personally, sound quality in most cases is improved for gigs and there's none of that nasty ringing feeling once it's over

I've been using ear plugs for years. Not worth damaging your hearing long term by not using them

I never go to gigs without them anymore, not worth it.

I've been using these 3M plugs for nearly 10 years - https://www.3m.co.uk/3M/en_GB/company-uk/3m-products/~/3M-E-A-R-Ultrafit-X-Earplugs-35-dB-Corded-50-Pairs-Box-UF-01-014/?N=5002385+8709322+8711017+8711405+8711720+8720539+8720546+8720767+8725628+3292809736&preselect=3293786499&rt=rud 

In that time they've stood up to Sleep, OM, Sunn O))), Shellac and many more. They attenuate very well so you can still hear what's going on around you (if someone else is also wearing them, you can talk without screaming/straining to hear) and the music has good clarity.

The key with these (or any other earplug) is to put them in correctly. Just popping them into your ears won't do much for you.

Have these lads, they do the trick, been using the same pair for a good while now.

I keep them in for most gigs, depending on how loud it actually is.  The damage is definitely already done to my hearing, I learned this lesson way too late.

Another vote for  etymotic I just use the basic $20 and have been using them for about 10 - 12 years now and have never had any hearing issues. Also in most cases the sound a venues is actually clearer with them in.

Also tested them twice with Sunn O))) and worked great.

My ER 20s are past their best so looking to replace. There are Fender on Amazon for half the price that say they lessen by 27db so just wondering if anyone has tried them and how they compare or are there any newer ones worth a look.

I'm still using the same brand I mentioned above anyway, on maybe my 2nd pair since then (I lost one) and they are still the finest.

Unavailable on Amazon by the looks of it but I'll keep an eye out for them anyway thanks.

Quote from: M.Hopkins on October 28, 2023, 05:09:12 PMUnavailable on Amazon by the looks of it but I'll keep an eye out for them anyway thanks.
Oh I didn't even recheck the link lol.  I had actually bought them in Specsavers, last year though they told me they are getting rid of these style of ones to push people into getting the customs instead - I dunno if they did or not eventually so it might be worth a check, or calling the shops to see if they have any.

I came across Loop Experience earplugs and I've been using them for about a year now for both gigs and band practice and I'm enjoying them a lot. They're comfortable to wear for long periods and I've found they don't muffle the sound as much as ER20s.


I wouldn't recommend ordering direct from their site though, as I had lots of issues with shipping and their support is fairly awful.

I saw D'addario dbuds recently. Anyone used them?