Providing lyrics and vox for a project that hasn't progressed in ages. Must see about doing something during a few days holiday I have coming up  :abbath:

What kind of gear? Death metal?

Yup. What the kids these days call OSDM. I didn't write any of the music, but/so it's proper gear  :laugh:  :abbath:

Cool man. Who are your influences? (Billy and the Bollocks)

Songwriter was going for an Immolation style but doesn't sound like straight up worship to me. Not an Immolation approach for vocals though. Don't want to say too much on that until they've been laid down though; wait and see what happens in studio. You know how it is  ;)

Sure keep us posted   8)

A few bands have been using them as stage amps at Keep It True. Doesn't sound bad at all. No way anyone is telling the difference in a live mix.

So I ended up buying the Blackstar Amped 3. And gigged with it on Friday night (Bodydrinkers) and it sounded great. The only thing I would say is that it's almost not loud enough in band practice. Needs to be at 8 or 9 on the volume to be heard with everyone else