Any way of getting a simpler and clearer option for PMs as the current one isn't very user friendly.  Bear in mind I'm a simpleton,  but I'm sure I'm not the only technoretard who uses this site.

I can look into it. What don't you like about the current system?

On the old forum, for example, you could see all of your PMs in order from top to bottom and when you clicked on one it took you to the entire conversation.  I can't seem to read these ones in any order and have difficulty finding my own replies and as my predictive text seems to be either in fucking Hungarian or to have been programmed by someone having an epileptic fit, God only knows what garbled nonsense I may have replied to people. And that's on top of my usual level of garbled nonsense. 

Ah yeah. The default setting isn't great. I've jumped into your profile settings and changed it to be the way you've described.

For anybody else wanting to make this change:
Go to the link below and change the first option ("display personal messages") to "As a conversation". Also check the box for "Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default". It might not take effect for old messages, but new messages will be displayed as a regular conversation.;sa=settings

I tried to send a PM earlier but it took ages to process and eventually timed out. Tried it again twice with no joy. I've used it before with no issue so wondering is there something up at the moment? Sound.

There's been no changes recently to cause it. The server may have been overloaded. I just sent a test pm there now and it worked as expected. Are you still having problems?

Sound Hambeast. It worked later that day when I tired via my phone instead of tmny desktop, so all good  :)