That drippy logo thats up now is horrible lol.

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Feel free to go through the list and find something which works!  :P

While you're trying to find something that works perhaps use Impact font for now.

It has a couple of things going for it.

Its clear and legible.

I wouldn't suggest it as a permanent fixture, but from a design aesthetic its infinitely better than the one in current use

And a better suggestion could be made or found that would become the font of choice in future.


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Right, I'll give it an hour and if there's no other suggestions then I'll switch it to Impact until I get something permanent sorted!

Update: done! It's not Impact but hopefully it'll do. Now I'm just waiting for somebody to tell me it's Jimmy Saville's favourite font or something like that...

Yeah that's much better than the drippy logo.

I guess I was alone in liking the drippy font logo then  :laugh:

Ok it isn't impact, but I will do my best to try think of GODFLESH every time I turn up all the same.

Jokes aside, much better.

Also it's a fucking logo. Does anyone really give a shite? It is the content that matters.

Get a filthy Conqueror style logo to go with the name

The jizz logo had an odd charm of its own. I almost miss it.

You're welcome to apply your own jizz to the screen if you miss it

Can we have an option to see thread started  by and thread last posted to by?

I'm guessing you're on mobile and you're talking about the page where you see a list of all the topics?

I can look into it. Not sure how to best go about it since it'll take up space and I don't want it getting too cluttered. Add an additional line below "Started by X" maybe?

I am indeed on mobile!

Have you just recently added a "new" tag to threads?