Latest post - is there any chance you can make clicking a link to a thread bring you to the latest post by default, rather than the start of the thread? I know you can click the small "New" icon but it's small. It's small as fuck.

Is this on desktop or mobile?

In terms of the thread link opening the first post, both, in terms of the size of the icon, the mobile in particular.

I'm not sure clicking the thread title to take you to the newest post would be the most intuitive. If more people feel the same way I can make the change.

There are a couple other ways to achieve what you're wanting

There's the "new" button which will take you to the part of the thread you last read.

On mobile there's also the arrow icon beside the username which will take you to the newest post on the thread. This does the same as clicking the "latest post" link on desktop.

I can increase the size/position of these icons if that's any help?

Yeah, if the "new" icon can be made any bigger, that would be handy. It's just a bugger to click cleanly on the phone (big fingers/small screen combo) and often hit the thread title, which just opens the first post. Saying to open the latest post was a mistake on my part, had had a couple of drinks at the time, didn't mean the latest post but the first unread post. If the thread link had that functionality it would be a bit more intuitive. If it's a pain in the hole, though, please ignore.

Made a few adjustments to the size/position. Let me know what you think and I can tweak further if needed. Bigger? More spacing?

Ah yeah, that's a lot easier to hit. Thanks!

I didn't know how much I needed this fix until it was in place lol cheers