Delaney and the whole board of the fai need to be fucked out!

Good riddance alright. Mind you, this other post they conveniently created for him is as typical of Ireland as you could imagine.

After a nuclear holocaust, the only things left will be the cockroaches, and they will be led by Delaney.

Man Utd stun Barcelona to only lose 4-0 on aggregate.

Ole won't last long, the honeymoon is over, as much as he has been a breath of fresh air.

That City - Spurs game, holy shit.

I'm glad City won't win the Champions League but now they're free to focus on the premier league. Liverpool on the other hand are still in with a shout to win either/both but will possibly be spread too thin and win fuck all. Hopefully not, however. If Spurs take points off City it'd be super but City are going to play with a vengeance for their remaining games.

City had the breath sucked out of them tonight. Screw them and their rancid oil money. Spurs do things the right way and it's good that either they, or Ajax will be in the CL final.

Yep, would love if City won nothing

It was a great game,delighted for Spurs.Pity it wont be an Ajax Spurs final .

For one night only.. C'mon Utd!

Quote from: Emphyrio on April 24, 2019, 08:09:25 PM
For one night only.. C'mon Utd!
That worked out well. Hahaha....
Be hilarious though if it was Brendan Rodgers who sneaks some points off City in a couple of weeks and becomes the Anfield legend he always craved to be.

City have it now, Liverpool threw it away earlier in the season. Utd are woeful, they need massive changes.

Utd are in free fall,Ole is probably the wrong appointment yet again and still no director of football appointed.
Boils my piss when the likes of Phil Jones and Young get new contracts.