May 09, 2024, 05:59:43 AM Last Edit: July 06, 2024, 11:36:58 PM by Danny
So I'm tryna sell a case of 15 Official Star Trek Starfleet Deltas. I've went from 250 originally to 200 and now last final drop and fuck it offer is 150 for anyone interested. listing

Have sent on to a couple of mates. I think once word of this gets around, you'll have a buyer: if I was still in Ireland and had the spare cash, I'd grab it myself!


Dropped the price to €150 there Sir Carnage. You know you want it. Look at Kirk & Spock in your avatar there- Kirk's like "BUY IT YOU PRICK!!!" & Spock's like "For the humble asking price, purchasing this incredible set of Starfleet Deltas is purely logical Sir" while Bones is behind them both goin "Dammit Jim! I'm a Doctor-not a salesman; but you would clearly be an absolute misguided knobjockey to not buy this."

Lads I am fuckin broke here- I am strugglin with bills & out of work weeks as my Dr refuses to let me work (has me down with intreo as unfit for work because of self harm and refusing his brainnumbing/dumbing bollox meds he gave me (Sertraline is evil) until I see private Psychiatrists & more fuckin incompetent imbecilic Counsellors who I often end up counsellin me fuckin self- read the fuckin Bible or Lavey or Crowley or even Jordan Peterson FFS & cop the fuck on with your retarded fuckin predictable non-questions)

Sorry--Anyway does anyone know any better sites to post this listing on other than ebay where I may have more luck sellin the fuckin set? Thanks...

I am also broke at the mo, so won't be taking it off you. You could advertise it on Facebook marketplace? I dunno. Would definitely recommend simplifying your advert on though: you make buying it *sound* like an awful lot of hassle by including whole paragraphs of preferred but not necessary conditions for sale. Description + asking price is all you need.

I see your logic there good Sir, & initially that is what I done before posting it on here. But I kept getting messages asking me about officiality, pricing, what delta is from what series, would you sell 1 or 2 separately & other shit. So thats why I added some information to the sales pitch so people can fuck off unless they wanna buy the fuckin thing already.

But yeah, I know- I do have a tendency to waffle on sometimes, but I do aspire to be articulate...& sure here; look at your post count compared to mine or Andy McMuffin Lovin there so who really does more waffling round these parts?  :P

Thanks anyways pal for the advise. I'm gonna try a couple other places. The wife says facebook is great for sellin shit quicker, adverts only works well if you pay money to keep "bumping" your listing & shite like that!

By the way, if you REALLY would like this but you are just too broke right now like meself, just cus you have a Trek avatar & you are cool I'll hold onto it for you until you do, you could save 3 50s or whatever up- it's up to you man, cheers  :-X