I hope it goes ahead, I'd like to see them 1 last time & my 3 girls would love to see them too.

Quote from: leatherface on November 15, 2023, 11:11:52 PMI was at their Punchestown concert in 2009.  Malcolm was there and the setlist was a solid greatest hits affair. The rain and some sections of the (huge) crowd weren't so great however. Don't seem to remember paying an exorbitant amount for the ticket.

Setlist on the day was:  https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/acdc/2009/punchestown-racecourse-naas-ireland-7bd6724c.html

I remember singing along to Dog Eat Dog and some gowl of a country lad couldn't work out how I knew the words to songs that weren't Back in Black or Thunderstruck.

Even if it's their last time round, I'd rather leave it be, especially when the brains of the operation checked out some time ago.

Am reading elsewhere that it's more likely to be the rolling stones for croke park (who announced their US tour today).

Still, even if there is no Irish date I'll probably fly to Europe. I thought they sounded decent overall from the powertrip clips and the setlist was very good.

I wouldn't be surprised to see AC/DC playing Slane.
Always get touted for it and after GNR and Metallica in recent years it wouldn't be a surprise.
In saying that it is a hellhole of a venue.