Quote from: open face surgery on November 10, 2023, 11:42:57 AMPretty sure they played something off VV in The Tivoli. Maybe wrong though.

They definitely played Alfodr Odinn and 2 Frost tunes but can't remember any VV ones.

They then opened with 793 the next festival run though..

I wasn't at that Tivoli show last time I saw them that clown Abbath supported.

Quote from: Paul keohane on November 09, 2023, 04:09:55 PMWould love to have caught the Below the lights set they did last week at Damnation.Their gig in 2006 in The village still one of my all time favourite gigs.An unbelievable band in the 2000s,but they lost me after Ruun.

Same here. That gig was fuckin class but I wouldn't go across the road to hear anything after Ruun. Zyklon were fantastic too, so tight and neat