You got your headliners in Queens of the Stone age, Fall out Boy and Avenged Sevenfold.

And Pantera and machine head and other stuff.

Seen that go up earlier. Quite grim.

Guess it's inevitable. The classic headliners are getting older now and will soon be leaving us. They need to push the next generation although ive no idea who Fall Out Boy are.
Are they big with the kids?

Yeah they'd do the numbers alright. I can see the appeal with Fall Out for example but not with Avenged Sevenfold, a god awful band if ever there were one.

Had a quick look on YouTube. Listened to Century and Sugar we're going down. Didn't think much of either song.
Reminds me of those poppy 'punk' bands that in the naughties were on the soundtrack to films like American Pie etc

Good god what a terrible line up. Fall out boy any relation to Radioactive man?

Copping said they asked 24 bands to headline, and this is what they were left with!!
With pantera playing I'm guessing they won't do a UK tour, maybe Ireland tho

How are Pantera not a headline act it?

Yeah, saw earlier too, when I saw it first I was wondering if it was a different download....

Times they are a changing, or should that be times have changed?

QuoteGuess it's inevitable. The classic headliners are getting older now and will soon be leaving us

That's pretty much it. The festival will survive but not as we remember it. The headliners are so boring year to year anyway - it's either stuff like this that has no appeal or take your pick from Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Etc Etc on rotation. It's amazing to see none of the bands being touted some years back have stepped up or made the leap. 

It's sign of the times too, are we going to get a band that can shift the units that Metallica or Maiden did ever again? Just as an example people would've backed Mastodon to be up there in and around the time of The Hunter but they're nowhere near it. Ghost would be the only "Metal" act to emerge in the last decade that could possibly make the leap. Pretty grim.


Yeah, I agree with you about Ghost. I can see them making the jump to Headliner soon, surprised they haven't already.

I do think the days of metal bands the size of Metallica, Maiden, ACDC etc are long gone. Nowadays theres so much access to different bands and genres that the population is split.
It's like back in the 70s a Morcome and Wise christmas day special would get 30 million viewers...but that was back in the day of only 2 real tv channels, no video games, streaming or other things to do. You'll not get numbers like that for a Christmas show again.

I think Superskin can do it. Come on, ta fuck!

Imagine Dragons, Ghost and Muse will be fuming at this.

Not my cup of tea either, though I suppose it's technically a forward foot for a festival that's been maligned for years for not pushing acts up the card in favour of the dinosaurs. QOTSA, Fall out Boy and Avenged Sevenfold shouldn't be seen as a forward foot, I know. But it's the landscape. It's probably a net positive that they've realised they can fill Donington without an Iron Maiden or Metallica in one of the slots.

Ghost are definitely getting the bump next time. They headlined second stage this year and the place was overflowing.