Happy to announce that the various current members of [r]oas are flying home and getting together for a gig on Dec 9th in Freds.

Support from:
Hope is Noise (Cork alt rock)
Stanton's Grave (Cork punk)
Nichts (ex-Only Fumes and Corpses)

€10 on the door

That's brilliant news. Those headshots are wouldn't look out of place on a most wanted poster.

OKay unfortunately Nichts have pulled out of this so Bodydrinkers will now be playing instead

This is entry on the door only, not doing Eventbrite etc

Looking forward to this. A lot of the old heads around

Ah it was great. Lots of old heads there from over the years, Leoos was joking that Fredz needed a stairlift. It was packed. If I find some video I'll put it up

I can imagine!
Glad to hear it was a success but that was never in doubt. I don't think I ever saw a bad Rev gig.

Never actually got to see Revolution of a Sun back in the day, so this was an excellent gig. Thanks.

I'm trying to find some footage of it but there seems to be feck all around...if I can get some up on YT I'll post it

Had to skip this, unfortunately!  😥
The run up to Xmas is getting busier every year.