Those of a certain vintage will likely recall these boyos, along with Judgement, as thrash bands from Cork.

They're getting back at it after splitting up 30 years ago. I'm looking forward to seeing them with support from Pant√Čire.

It should hopefully be a good buzz. Totally left of field for that venue though!  :laugh:

Blurb from the promotor:

Much as the Bay Area, a suburb of San Francisco, was the nexus of the early 1980's thrash metal scene a few streets off Cathedral Road part of Gurranabraher in Cork was the birth place of the Cork Thrash Metal band that would become known as Kemikill. 

"I'd seen Jon playing in the Hut, the only venue for underage metal, as a guest with Paulie Philip's band," says Macker drummer and founding member. "He had the most hair I'd ever seen on a human male and a Gibson SG!"

"I'd been jamming with his Uncle Martin Bullman, head rocker who went on to found 80's rock band Jinx with Kieran Kramer and I think Martin gave Jon my address. A few days later Jon knocked on my door and Kemikill was born.

However, there was years of evolution and development and a host of musicians who all contributed to the journey.

Firstly ,Scarlett Page a metal band firmly in line with the emerging New Wave of British Heavy Metal was formed. "We gigged everywhere," remembers Macker, "Ballydehob, Tralee, Cobh, Mojos and the Cavern in Cork, The Spinning Wheel in Youghal and memorial Biker gigs for the Freewheelers MC in Waterford".

After a good run which included supporting Def Leppard, Scarlet Page went their separate ways and a chance introduction by a crazy Thrasher named Dan "Hoggie" Horgan from Cobh led to Mack and then Jon joining  Thrash pioneers Killerwatt in Dublin. Jon joined Killerwatt on guitar and it was while we were rehearsing in Windmill Lane that we decided to form our own Thrash outfit Kemikill. "It was 1989 and Jon and I wanted to return to Cork and forge our own path. Jon had decided to give singing a go and after experimenting with bass we recruited a bass player, Fish and a second lead guitarist." 

The next few years were a blur. Kemikill went from success to success returning to Dublin selling out McGonagles and Charlies, inventing the afternoon Thrash Bash in Nancy Spains. Glowing reviews in Hot Press Kemikill were on top of the world with genuine record label interest in the UK.

Unfortunately, the pressure became such a strain that in 1992 the band split. Fish and Slim went into the Tech side of music, Jon went on to develop an international career as a singer  while Mack went on to join Cork Thrashers Flatline and Langer 18 .

Back together since 2022 Macker and Jon are joined by James who was lead guitarist for Flatline. Staying true to their New Wave of British Heavy Metal  and 80's Thrash roots Kemikill are back live in 2023 after a 30 year gap with a few musical surprises for old and new fans.