Yup I'll be at the Limerick show.  Haven't kept up on recent Katatonia at all mind, but love a lot of the older stuff.

They sound nothing like Brave Murder Day era now unfortunately. New album is fine. I'm not sure about a lot of their stuff but going to Dolans anyway.

Yeap heading to the Limerick show.
The new stuff is very different to the old and mid era stuff but still decent.
They usually do a good set list so hopefully some classics will be belted out.

No great expectations but heading along as working the odd day in Limerick anyway so making it my business to be about. I hope to be pleasantly surprised just the same!

Who's supporting?

Thats the job mr snare,pardon the pun  :laugh:
Exploring Birdsong I think,not sure if theres any other bands.

Will be at the Limerick show too. Haven't been in to any of the last few albums but made a playlist a few weeks back of recent enough set lists and it's mostly great stuff

Was supposed to head to Dublin show but strep throat has taken hold over the weekend  >:( forgot how painful this shite is!! Raging now I'll miss it as I've missed them before due to work emergency few years back

Anyone hit the Dublin show and was it any good?

Yeah was at Dublin, very heavy on later material. Think we got 4-5 from the new one, seemed to be a rake of songs from Dead end Kings too which was a crap record. I've seen them 10+ times including festivals etc and that was the dullest. Usually captivated at a Katatonia show, spent many songs chatting to people I hadn't seen in an age.

Also Anders missing as was previously announced but surprised to see them do it with one guitar

#12 November 08, 2023, 01:04:44 AM Last Edit: November 08, 2023, 01:55:52 AM by Snare
Jesus Xavier Christ, that honestly was one of the worst gigs of my 34 years experience of gigs. It was dull beyond belief and had absolutely nothing to redeem it.

I should have learnt my lesson after last seeing them at Vicar Street with Novembre and being distinctly unimpressed but that was a whole new low tonight.

It is unfortunately etched in my mind with the other 2 of the worst 3 gigs in my life - Paradise Lost's 2nd gig in Cork, and Anathema's 3rd gig in Cork.

I couldn't even muster the enthusiasm to clap once out of sympathy or basic manners. Tis a far cry from Katatonik  :'(

The next gig can't come around fast enough to get this aural turd out of my ears. Tis a pity I can't make Elvana in Limerick or Cork this week.

Let's fucking go Decapitated, Inferi and Obscura

#14 November 08, 2023, 07:11:27 AM Last Edit: November 08, 2023, 07:13:24 AM by Pagan Saviour
For me it was the set choice, very very stale and I haven't really rated any of their post Cold Distance albums - it was a good long set of 20 songs but if I'm being honest only maybe 4-6 of the songs aired were from the era I care about. The fact Anders wasn't there really took from it too. There's nobody there from the classic line-up - it's all a bit sterile. The Norrman brothers weren't the best musicians in the world but they brought character to proceedings and they were involved with the project, with hired hands it just ain't the same.

Unlike Snare I loved that Shelter show all those years back, Katatonia were never a band that ran around the stage throwing shapes, wouldn't be appropriate. Compare that setlist to the current one......

Katatonia Setlist
at The Shelter, Dublin, Ireland
Tour: Last Fair Deal Gone Down Tour statistics Add setlist

March 4
Tonight's Music
For My Demons
The Future of Speech
Sweet Nurse
I Am Nothing
Cold Ways