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Dolan's, doors 13:00, finished late, usual craic.  Details on timetables and everything else: and

Who's going?  I'll be in mid afternoon anyway.

Yup, there as always. Probably try to be in for Domhain

Quote from: M.Hopkins on October 28, 2023, 05:19:07 PMYup, there as always. Probably try to be in for Domhain
Was hoping to give them a look, and see Settler again too, but I'm out of town early tomorrow so will miss them both.  And likely the merch because of how quick it sells :laugh: should be in for ZC.

I'm heading down to it for a nose around. Been well out of the loop gig wise for a few years now so looking forward to seeing what the scene is like.

Last Seige was a few years ago. Was very impressed by it.

Quote from: Grim Reality on October 28, 2023, 08:33:41 PMI'm heading down to it for a nose around. Been well out of the loop gig wise for a few years now so looking forward to seeing what the scene is like.

Last Seige was a few years ago. Was very impressed by it.
The few since Covid stalled it have been particularly busy but the usual great sport for the day - if it's been a few years since you've been down you'll enjoy how much the venue has changed since too.  Much more space between the stages, particularly upstairs.

Jaysis. This God Alone are the worst thing I've ever witnessed

How so? I've only seen people here heap praise on them. What was bad about them?

They've changed their sound, now have a dance music element to them. It is not good.

 :laugh: oh no. Following too closely in James's footsteps!

Quote from: Eoin McLove on October 29, 2023, 08:53:29 PMHow so? I've only seen people here heap praise on them. What was bad about them?

Sure look, it's not meant to appeal to the likes of me. An auld lad that likes metal. They certainly have the chops and that kind of genre mash up seems to appeal to 20 somethings so fair play to them I suppose. The guitarist was throwing all these wild art rock shapes. I can't stand that crap. Actually the other guitarist was in the corner like a statue. Think he was wearing a rugby jersey like the jokey frontman. Just a bizarre set up. The highlight was when the three guitarists did this synchronised 4 point rotation, like Status Quo or something. Twas gas altogether.

Watched a good few bands all day. There was a rap/nu metal/dance band on early. Absolutely weird.

Domhain were decent but I don't think it's really live material.

There was a Fibbers thrash band, Slaughter something. Shouted out some anti racist line. That was as memorable as it got.

Saw a bit of another band, alternative style. Singer had a bandana and guitarist was female. They were alright.

Zealot Cult are great. No surprises there.

Mourning Beloveth played a new tune, a child lay dying, the short one off Formless and finished with the first one off A Disease, if I remember correctly. Great stuff as usual.

Caught a small bit of Hasturian Vigil as they overlapped with MB. Seems good. Shame about the overlap as they and MB were the ones I was looking forward to most.

Gama Bomb have never been my thing but they are a top outfit, fair play to them and I enjoyed their set.

I left after that as was tired and full of beer. Dolans was great. Superb set up all round. Cheers to the organisers

God Alone had the whole place hopping, the kids loved it. Not my bag in the slightest but I thought it was good craic and they were tight as anything . Busiest I saw the warehouse all day too.
Agree re Domhain, the harmonies didn't always hit but I'm sure that'll come in time. The sound off the hi hat was very distracting where I was anyway. There's the bones of something interesting there though.
ZC were rock solid as always.
The Crawling aren't for me at all so left after the second song and caught Saint Slaughter or whatever they're called. Decent thrash if not my bag.
Caught a few tunes of The Magnapinna. Too kooky for me so went for food but people seemed to be knocking the craic out of them.

Disappointed in the MB set. Seemed to take ages to get set up and then only played for less than 40 minutes I reckon. Half of them were pissed. The Sickness was the highlight but sloppy. Last time I saw them they played The Mountains are Mine and it was monumental. They didn't hit anything like those heights last night. Only upside of them finishing early was the chance to catch the last half hour or so of Hasturian Vigil who were excellent.
Good day out overall. Place was rammed early with loads of teenagers too but there was more space later in the evening after the Kasbah opened and the kids were ran I suppose. Until Easter

Suffering hard today.  Great day, plenty of class bands.  Sickened I missed Settler and The Crawling, managed to catch two God Alone songs (but I have seen them a dense amount of times anyway so no harm done) and about two Nebularis songs due to the catch up / pint drinking with lads when I arrived in.

Zealot Cult were class, as usual, sounded particularly good yesterday.  Warehouse was rammed for them.  Codespeaker were a great surprise, never heard a note of them before but right up my alley, that sort of slow post-metal buzz like Isis, CoL, HYOM, but straight to the point.

The Magnapinna - probably the set of the day for me.  An 11-piece version of the band with lads added for sax and synth, as well as an extra drummer and two backing vocalists.  Big auld FNM buzz off it but they are very much their own thing, great energy, great set.  On the other hand, Mourning Beloveth didn't do it for me at all but I generally like them, maybe too much of a contrast in the buzz of the bands?  Anyway I watched a bit of it from the balcony but went off for drink and bollix acting.

Hasturian Vigil were excellent and the Kasbah was a nice breather from the rest of the venue - not that it was quiet by any means but everywhere else was completely jammed, you couldn't even move in most places.  Caught the majority of their set, will pick up the album when it's out I'd say.  Upstairs then for Slung From A Tree, who are always deadly live.  Just filthy stoner sludge riffs, huge tones, slow heft all round.

Roper were great, having not heard them in absolutely years, the place was absolutely hopping for them too.  Great to see, they sounded excellent too - I remember mentioning to someone that the guitars seemed too quiet at the start but I was either imagining it or it was fixed quickly, I was so full of drink at that point anyway it was hard to focus :laugh:

Wanted to catch Sacred Noose but I completely misjudged their set time and ended up seeing the very last note of it!  Shame, I heard they were good.  Bewildering amount of drink in me and no food so we left rapidly after that.

Class day, no issues in or around the venue by the looks of things, everyone had a great time that I spoke to, and it was insanely busy.  Probably the busiest I have ever seen it.  Fair dues to the lads for pulling it off so well every time.  Looking forward to Easter already.

Ah I think Mourning Beloveth are for the scrap heap unfortunately. Saw them supporting Primordial last year and they were pretty fucked up too. Not a patch on the band they were.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who though mourning beloveth were a shambles .

Thought they were awful .

Shame to hear MB weren't up to scratch. They are usually phenomenal live so maybe they are still get used to the new set-up with Frank not playing guitar. I didn't like the big heroic solo the new lad put into a song last year- it didn't suit them at all. Maybe he needs to rein it on a bit? Anyway, every bands has a bad night and I'm sure they'll be back stronger next time. They are working on new material so perhaps they are rusty on the older songs? Plus sauce  :laugh: