Headed to Vienna for a long weekend. I have the basic sightseeing covered. Anything worth seeing from a metal/alt. perspective?

The gig that I was going to Toundra/Monkey 3 has been cancelled. Toundra look to have called it a day and jacked in the whole EU tour.

There's a really good record shop off Mariahilfer Str. on the left as you go uphill towards the train station. Can't remember the name of the street, but you've got to go left off Mariahilfer Str. down some steps to the street and it's on the right hand side. One of these crammed places you can spend ages in. Can't remember the name of it, might be Alt & Neu on Windmühlgasse. The lad working there saw what I was buying and said he had a shipping container full of metal stuff that he sold from on Tuesday evenings. Was going home before that so couldn't check it out. Could have been a trap too and I might've been putting the lotion on my skin instead, I'll never know. There's a smaller place, but still worth checking out, in Judenplatz called Audiocenter, just to the left of the Jewish Museum. There's a cluster of reasonable ones along Westbahnstr too. None are exclusively Metal, but worth a quick peek all the same.

Sound out - I'll stick all that on my list.

Just back from a very brief trip.

Check to see if anything is on at Ventr99 - a DIY venue under a rail bridge, a lot of cool littl dive bars in that area generally whose names escape me (Chelsea was one I think?Look out for a tall bald guy with glasses outside if you're there and avoid him, total cunt) but have a walk around. The Siebensterngasse and Neubau areas have a few. I saw Bastard Grave and Snet there, cans for 2.50, good buzz, happy days. If you want a "metal" bar the Battle Axe is the one to go to I guess,for the full 90s/00s Bruxelles/Fredz experience. Make of that what you will. Theres a shocking amount of Irish pubs around to, some of which are basically just dive bars that serve Guiness and are actually pretty good, Dick Mack's I think was the name of the one I was in.

Alex Wank who was in Pungent Stench runs a record shop called Totem which is worth going into - pretty poor selection in terms of records really but..well..I won't spoil it, but just find it and go in for a look just to see the decor ;) If you like horror/exploitation films and soundtracks it has a bunch of cool dvds and soundtracks. Substance Records was a very cool record shop for all kinds of stuff. I didn't really do much record shopping cos I was skint.

As I said in the film thread there's a Third Man museum but the Ferris Wheel is in the middle of an amusement park in a larger public park that's kinda cool to wander round. Bring cash if you get the urge to go on the rides. I went to the Narrenturm Pathology Museum because I'm a ghoul and it was fascinating and disgucting. Don't go til after you've eaten. Various church crypts worth a look.

Two non touristy tips: 1) Nobody checked my tram tickets the whole time I was there
2) If you luck out and get nice weather, go to the Millenium City shopping centre, go out the steps at the back and there's cool walk along the Danube that's agreat place to watch the sunset. I'd not linger there after dark though.

Sounds like a class place to visit but have no plans to ever go there so this thread means nothing to me.

I'm sorry lads, I'll get my coat

Deadly - thanks for all that.

I have the Third Man museum on my list already. Only open one day a week so I'll need to try to fit it in.

I've put those dive bars on my map. I have one called Amananth's place on my list - it looks a bit cheesy but I'll be there around Hallowe'en so why not?

Totem noted.

I work a fair bit in Munich and I've seen a ton of people get caught for not obeying the honour system when it comes to buying U/Tram/Bus passes. The weekly ticket is only €17 in Vienna - I couldn't live with the paranoia of not having one!  :laugh:

Quote from: astfgyl on October 25, 2023, 12:03:47 PMSounds like a class place to visit but have no plans to ever go there so this thread means nothing to me.

I'm sorry lads, I'll get my coat

You need to grow up a bit and act more midge-ure.

 :( I know man, that joke was ultra pox.

I'm really leaving this time