Anyone here familiar with Ableton Live? I am 99% done with a mix on some new stuff I'm working on but I've hit a little speed bump. In my experience, trying to find the information online is a complete pain in the ring so I'm hoping I can spare myself an hour or two of pain for the sake of about thirty seconds of work.

I have split a vocal track because I need to pump the volume up on the first half which is spoken word, and then I need to lower the volume on the second half where the harsh vocals come in. So far it hasn't worked. I thought I might be able to adjust the two split sections separately but I'm having no joy. Any tips?

I only have the 8 track version of Ableton and the tracks are all in use so I can't move one of the sections to another track. Does this fuck me?

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If they're split into 2 separate clips you should be able to double click on one of the clips and it'll open in a panel at the bottom. From there you'll be able to adjust the gain slider to increase or decrease the volume of that one clip.

You could also do it via "automation". With automation you can basically draw a line across the timeline and the volume of the track will increase or decrease to follow it. Means you have finer control over the volume of different parts of the clips, rather than having to boost the entire clip by a fixed amount. Automation can be applied to most things, so you could use it to control the strength of a reverb throughout different parts of a song without needing to have 2 different tracks with 2 different reverbs.

Savage man. I'll give those a go and see how I get on. Thanks.

Yep, that's exactly the job. Thanks man. I owe you a frisbee whenever I get them made up  8)