hello everybody,

I would like to use this thread to update you about Pradhe debut EP. Pradhe is a one-man-band from Italy.
I will release 1 single in this fall, while an EP will be released in the beginning of 2024.

For now a short homemade promotional video has been uploaded on YouTube to let you know about the upcoming Single. I'll update this thread with news in the following weeks. Thanks for your attention! If you are interested (for some reason :P) you can follow the band low traffic channels on YouTube and Instagram

OK, maybe a little spammy, sorry in advance! I've released a little preview of the first single so the readers of this thread can just ignore it now on in case they don't like the preview! :P

The single is now live on
Apple Music
and Youtube Music!

Enjoy and thanks for spending a bit of your time listening. Let me know your opinion (aka roast me :)!

the second and last single before the EP (4 songs) is scheduled for release on 17th Nov!

Here a small promo

Hi all! the full EP is now out with a couple of lyric videos!

full EP links:
YouTube Music

lyric videos are available here and here

hope you enjoy!