Last distro news:

INFAMIE (Fra) Into the Necrosphere MCD. Digipack. Black/ death. Very cool first Ep, with a bunch of ferocious fast moments, some dark melodic touches and real death metal parts. It reminds me the spirit of the underground from 20 years ago.

EIBON (Singapore) The garden of theophrastus CD. Old black metal with symphonic parts. Rerelease of an album from 1995.

TEMPEST (Mex) Unending torment Demo tape. Old school and violent death metal/ obscure death. Sounds like a mix of old Angel corpse, old Incantation, Abhorer, old Morbid angel.
With members of Question.

SEPULCHRAL VOICES (Bel) Fall of the temple Tape Ep. Quite violent and raw black metal/ black thrash.

NAR (Indonesia) Pejabat bangsat Demo tape. Revengeful death metal, between old school death and old brutal death, perfect to annihilate your cracking skull.

STRIBORG (Australia) Ghostwoodlands CD. Black metal with dark ambient parts. Sound like old Burzum, Arckanum in my hears.

MY SWEET KALASHNIKOV (Ita) Deliver us from evil Tape. Crazy mix of breakcore/ industrial and brutal death/ goregrind.



REBELLION '22 DECONTROL Zine (Uk) 2nd hand.
Mostly live reports and impressions about the Rebellion festival. Punk rock fanzine.
Quite punk diy layout. 2nd hand zine. 14 pages. A4. In english. 2022.

THE FRANKENHOOKERS (Usa) I sold my soul to a frankenhooker Tape. 2nd hand.
Underground punk. 2nd hand tape

Aset, Houle, Moonreich, Miasmes, Penitence onirique, Räum, Hyrgal, Limbes, Acod,
Jours pales, Deliverance, Rüyyn, Wesenwille, Mal ardent...
Black metal sampler CD.

Vehemence, Le cercle du chêne, Moisson livide, Palefroid, Dorminn, Noble déchet, Avel, Wÿntër ärvn...
Black metal, folk and folk metal sampler CD.

MIN9RAI vol 4 Sampler CD
Nornes, Dear liars, Feral son, Attic birds, Chatte royal, Malé, Matt van t, Na!, Perter nolan,
Road life spirit...
All kinds of music: Rock, post rock, pop, metal, folk, punk...


Last distro news:

BLACK BLEEDING (Bel) With my dick and my knife MCD. Digipack. Black death/ Death black with something close to the 90's in the spirit. 3 new songs.

OLDSKULL (Fra) The defeat of humanity MCD. Old school death in the spirit of the early 90's, with ancient atmospheres, heaviness, and accelerations. This is the CD version of the Ep I released on tape.

ÖRASTIMAR (Ger) äster / Gäst Tape. Raw black metal. Contains the band's two demos.

VIPERA (Croatia) Nest of vipers Demo tape. Hard rock/ Rock'n roll/ Punk like old Motorhead, Amebix..

GENOCIDAL TERROR (Bel) Delirium of negation CD. Death grind with a blackened touch

CARNICA (Bra) Exhumed corpse Demo tape. Goregrind/ Raw gore death grind

TOLERANCE (Finland)/ FLESHSAW (Ger) Split tape. Goregrind Goredeathgrind/ Raw goregrind filth

BELARDIAK (Chile) El umbral de la pampa CD. Digipack. Neo folk from the sorrowful fields of Chile.

DEVOURED DEATH Zine (Australia) Issue 4:
Fossilization, Church of disgust, Altars, Deiquisitor, Thulsa doom, Blessed offal, Carcinoid, Flesh megalith, Internal rot, Inverted prophet, Licentious, Nephilims noose, Toxik volcano... + Reviews. Death metal fanzine released by Steven of Crucifire/ Encabulos.
92 pages. A5. In english. 2023

ACID VICIOUS Zine (France) issue 25:
In mortis veritas, Prieuré, Lord barbatos, Palefroid, Kaosmose, Sakrifiss de transylvanie, Only black metal chaine youtube...Plus flyers. 
20 pages. A5. In french. 2023.

Fanzine/ Book about the Necronomicon, the tarot and other occult subjects.
50 pages. A4. In english.