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To celebrate 10 years going since the first 2013 demo, Sonus Mortis is releasing 'Of Red Barren Earth', the seventh album. It will feature a total of 8 tracks, one of which featured on the demo and was re-recorded. Some symphonic death metal moments mixed with a good bit of death-doom.

1. Among The Marrow And The Machines
2. The Elimination Of The Archaic
3. Overwhelming Mass
4. Then There Was Silence From The World
5. Of Red Barren Earth
6. Harbinger Of Doom
7. Reality, Our Collective Destroyer
8. The Threads Of Life

Artwork done by James of Midas James Artwork & Design and Florin Alex. Trackmix Recording Studio handled mixing/mastering.

Two reviews ->

"Each track could be a monolith of doomy, gothic grandeur or a more up tempo, progressive/symphonic black metal laced killer. It is that uncertainty that keeps you guessing, and gives 'Of Red Barren Earth' a real life of its own. What you can expect is each track to surprise and impress, whatever the approach. Recommended."

The most death-doom track from the album has just been released now on YT, check out 'Reality Our Collective Destroyer' ->

And the first single released 'Harbinger Of Doom' ->

Release date -> 25th of October 2023. Physical release of 100 Digipaks will be available through Bandcamp and the rest is through the usual Spotify/regular streaming services.

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Third and final song before the album release in October, listen to the album opener 'Among The Marrow And The Machines' below ->

Another review ->

Pre-orders will be made available on bandcamp next week on the 25th of September.