Sure what's wrong with that too I suppose.

Out tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing it all as the preview track is great. Therapy? never did a whole lot for me, at least not enough for me to get stuck in, but I do enjoy them and they've always been class live.

They're doing the whole record at these shows, just seen it in Facebook. Fuck that.

Reckon I'll tip down to Limerick for this. On the whole they've probably more bad albums than good and they seem to pretend that infernal Love never happened but still they're good craic live

Good craic love except when they decide to play a new album in full. Seen them do that with both Brief Crack of Light and Crooked Timber. Not fun.

They played most of the last one on that tour, maybe 8 songs from it. Was grand. Given that they play 2 hours, 25 odd songs a night, still room for plenty of the good stuff.

New album is only about half an hour long so wouldn't worry too much if they play it all live, it's not like Maiden playing all of AMOLAD live.

Picked up tickets for the Cork gig. I haven't seen Therapy? in 20 years I reckon.

Wait. when did "Semi-Detached" come out? 25 years ago... Christ.

98 soundtrack to my summer that year, camped around Ireland, Clare v Offaly trilogy, Omagh bomb. Fuck

Very solid show in Cork last night. Therapy? seemed well up for it. Not sold out but a decent enough crowd.

Saw more than a handful of people buying the latest (poor) album on vinyl at the merch stand.